UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Ah ffs - I disagree with your assessment of MMcC and think you’re being overly harsh - but this line just takes the Mikado


I’ve said this before if Mick wasn’t Irish I doubt many would be championing his return. Similar level to Warnock as you say and the same people championing Mick would go nuts if Warnock was near the job.


Mccarthy teams play football. Warnock teams don’t. Warnock is a nasty man. Mick isn’t.


And yet Warnock is in the Premier League :thinking:

Mick was never linked with moves to PL clubs in the last few years.


or the presiden tof the united states.


Not sure of the relevance Guy :thinking:?


Hence the asking for the impossible tag . I could write a thesis on McCarthy s flaws when he was managing Ireland previously. I was at s lot of the home games and the odd away one .


Fair enough I only saw them on TV. Mine would only be an essay.


I m not saying my thesis would be very good but it be an entertaining rant.


If you did a thesis on O’Neill-Keane you’d more likely get 0:0 than a 2:2.


McCarthy has a funny-shaped head


Wonder will the Mick McCarthy moonsuit make a comeback.


You have to be fucking kidding me

Hope this is some sort of joke


Panic over. Speaker at some FAI coaching seminar


Time to panic so.


Do you believe everything on twitter ? Just post every twitter link you can ? And form an opinion of outrage from that, have you looked into McGuinness’ soccer background ?

Apparently McGuinness will be involved in some capacity . He is a very capable soccer phycologist and coach , was only a matter of time . Well thought at Celtic and from his time in China .


So hang on, he’s not to believe what he reads on twitter but jim mcguinness is invoked and rightfully so (in your opinion?)


Might be a role for this guy as well…if he turns up.


No I meant twitter in general . Apoligies.

In this instance it is true re McGuinness .


Kenny taking the U-21 job and will take over from McCarthy after the Euros :open_mouth: