UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


You knew Stewie was gonna be class from a young age . He was a nightmare to play against .


House on sycamore rd few doors past the willows , has a gym and an outdoor heated pool. Great gaff but I mean it costs about twice the price of every other house on the road. The owner is an architect ( she is the mother of Stuart Byrne the ex league of Ireland player mentioned ).



That’s one I’d never have guessed!


Gaining an €50k in value by lying about the address


Arya & The Mews , get the ■■■■ out of here :joy:


You have to wonder who decided on this offer. 1.2 million for an average championship manager. Amazing stuff.


Looks like something out of Boogie Nights…


Glasnevin me bollix :joy::joy:


I’d have preferred Kenny too, but McCarthy is clearly better than average as a championship manager. He’s brought a couple of clubs up, lost out a few times in the play offs, and rescued Ipswich from relegation to whatever the third division is called nowadays. He does well with limited resources,which is a requirement for this job.


1.2 million euro. I ll say it again 1.2 million euro. Even if you think he is slightly better than average.


Well, there’s two claims you made. One is that McCarthy is only an average championship manager. The other is that we’re not getting value for money. I picked up on only one of those.


I don t rate him , is that clear enough.


Oh that’s entirely clear. You could have just said that though, rather than misrepresent his championship record.


What’s his record then? He won the championship with Sunderland and wolves. Big clubs in that division. Fair enough he won the title with them. Keane won it with Sunderland and he is being lambasted ( rightly too). McCarthy has been in that division most of his managerial career , won it twice and struggled with the step up to the premiership. I just think he is a moany old bollox with a quick response to blame everyone but himself when the going gets tough. Plenty of other managers with similarish championship records to Mick ( Neil Warnock for eg) but I d burn landsdowne down before letting them manage Ireland.


Look, he’s no savior, I agree. But an average championship manager, by definition, is one whose teams generally finish midtable. And McCarthy has done much better than average in that category.

Agree with you that I would rather Kenny had gotten the job.


Why’s he getting €1.2 million? Sweden pay their manager €450000 and they always have a decent team.
The “top” people in our country have a very high opinion of their worth, not just in football. If we weren’t such sheep there would be a revolution.


Delaney getting more than his Spanish or Italian equivalent says it all. You can bet his cronies are all on a inflated wage for themselves as well.


A farce really . We’re a c to d level soccer nation. We shouldn’t be paying managers more than 500k I


I m not even that pushed on S kenny. The appointment is just dull , McCarthy never changes and it will follow predictable patterns . A bit of imagination from the fai ( asking the impossible i know) and give it to someone who gives us a bit of excitement.


The Taoiseach or President says it all …