UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


You wouldn’t go for Roddy Collins then?


Could it be any worse than what we’ve experienced the last while . The most important thing is that we have cleared the decks with MON & Keane. And now there is a massive focus on Delaney . If he keeps messing up we might see the end of him too


Was just talking to Stu Byrne in local tesco. He played for shels a few years back. He was buying flowers -asked him were they for Stephen Kenny as he did nt get the Irish job. Google Stuart Byrne angry man and roddy is in it as well. It’s pretty funny.


Joke of an organization so fucking predictable they’d put a Yes man in


A yes man ? How ? Cant agree on that comment at all .

Has a pretty good record and did with Ireland too . hopefully he brings in the likes of Stephen Reid , Mark Kennedy etc who are working well as coaches.


McCarthy is a divisive figure because of Saipan. Maybe not as much as Keane but a lot of fans are against this. It’s a ridiculous appointment at a time when the team needs someone who will get the public behind them .


You may well be correct, time will tell. However, if this turns out to be a poor appointment, it’s one step closer to the end of Delaney. I mean let’s face it, McCarthy has a far tougher job this time around with arguably the poorest set of players on offer for a couple of decades now. We have no real prolific striker coming through, unless we invoke a few surprises from the parentage rule. Goals are needed to win games.

I wish him well. I like him personally, so I hope the doubting Thomas’s end up with egg on the face… I doubt they will though.


€1.2m a year fucking jaysus


I’m afraid it’s not. Who’s gonna oust him? The public? The soccer fans? He’s like Saddam.


As was said before Pat Hickey was exactly like him and we all know what happend then


You hope I end up with egg on my face :slightly_frowning_face:. I find McCarthy over sensitive to criticism and generally a cranky hoor. Asking Denis Irwin arguably our best ever full back to prove himself. Going on about Phil Babb after being asked about Paul McGrath after the 94 Wc game v Italy ( I know he was nt manager then). He put Ireland teams with good players out to be defensive and contain the opposition a la MON so I won t expect any entertaining football yet . I d rather a manager who try and change our way of playing cause the style has been muck for years.


Well, yes! It’s nothing personal, I just want Ireland to succeed, sooner the better.

Going to guess that you’re a united fan?


I want Ireland to succeed too and if Moany Mick does the business and throws in a bit of entertaining football then I ll gladly smash the eggs all over my very handsome ( well mrs wasonthehill83 thinks so) mush. Don t follow utd or any British team. Jeez rochey if we ever bump into each other in the autobahn I was going buy you a pint but now I m not sure…:joy:


Did his Ma ever sell that tardis of a house?


You’d be doing well, Joe O’Reilly gets out more than I do!


Catherine Nevin RIP :wink:


Such bollox from the FAI. Kenny would be mental to take the job.


Is that one with the pool on sycamore rd?


Walked by it 10 minutes ago after leaving the willows and it was lit up in all its glory with the for sale sign still proudly standing in the garden


I’m lost! Not for the first time…