UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Mick was only 37 years old when he took charge of Ireland last time out. In hindsight probably way too young and inexperienced. He’s 59 now and has far more managerial experience than he had when he managed us first time round. He can only be a better manager for that experience.

I think the options we have are limited and I wouldn’t be against Stephen Kenny being given a shot but if it’s not him then I’d be happy to see Mick back.


I m with mr incognito in opposition to Mick McCarthy getting a 2nd chance. While we played good football under him he had the players. In his minus column, the almighty ■■■■ up that Saipan was, failure to realize Spain were a man down in extra time , tactics baffling at times ( Keane as sweeper v Iceland, 11 man defence away to Croatia and worst of all saying his backside is in the bacon slicer .


Do you reckon his previous record would work against him?


I’m not sure that experience managing in the LOI is relevant to managing the national team.
The difference between the requirement to organise and motivate multi-millionaire millennials (Brady, Hendrick, Clarke et al) versus the part-time domestic talent on show in the LOI is chalk and cheese IMO.

For this reason I would probably prefer to see a McCarthy or a foreign manager with a decent CV over Kenny.
For me, Kenny would need a Robbie Keane (or similar) on the ticket to give him that level of legitimacy…


Tony O’Donoghue saying Kenny meeting the FAI now as well. Probably just a sop though


Would rather have Robbie working with the underage teams


In fairness, it’s his life long dream to coach the youngsters…


To be fair, Kenny has achieved more than practically all of the current players. Granted they earn more but they’ve collectively done f*ck all really.


Lifelong dream to meet you apparently.

A friend of mine, big Leeds fan, went up to Keane in the Abberley Court Hotel in Tallaght. Keane told him to ‘touch on pal’. Friend was gutted.


Eoin Hand the latest to speak out against the FAI


Eoin Hand backing Kenny for the job


The whole process/cycle is gas. When Keane and O’Neill were appointed the meeja hailed them as the dream team ffs. I barely follow soccer but even i knew what we’d get with those two. Solid at the back hit and hope and with Keane falling out with players. As soon as our large slices of luck ran out things went pear shaped and keane started his stuff. Whoever takes over has a hell of a job ahead, weakest irish panel in living memory.


Hand was very unlucky as manager I know, but is he still au-fait with what’s required at top level (yeah, yeah, I know it’s Ireland!) coaching?


Hand left FAI on bad terms too. Packie Bonner was shafted years as well. FAI seem like a horrible shower. Anyone listening to OTB the other night? Someone was saying the National League u13, 15 & 17 that players have to transfer to another team for u 14 & 16 as no National league??



Was very unlucky for the 82 World Cup campaign ( well robbed actually) but with better players his next 2 campaigns were woeful.


McCarthy offered the job formally according to rte. Another joke from the Fai. An over sensitive crank who had his time in the job. Depressingly predictable.


They are one and the same thing.


Were you hoping for Pep Guardiola?
Mick done great job when he was with us and has done well since then with little to no resources.
I would have liked if they gave Kenny a shot but that would a massive gamble. McCarthy is a good appointment, although anyone would be after the last couple of years


Pep be just about acceptable to me . I have high standards.