UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Niall Quinn talking an awful lot of sense on OTB (I know!!!) Practically making a pitch for JD’s job. Said if he was in JD’s position the LOI would be his No.1 priority


Father in law worked with him in later years. Got to meet him a couple of times. True gentleman and is still well revered in Chelsea.


Always a sound bloke … aside from playing with Rovers on his return …


Forgot all about him .


Given his record of turning Sunderland around, I think he would be worth giving the job (CEO) to for a while.
I know the comparison has been made before but there really IS no comparison between John Delaney and John Costelloe. Liam Mulvihill was a very good administrator in his time, also.


Nor Philip Browne - as a CEO




If you play the way Martin prefers you have to win, it’s as simple as. People pay money for results but in the absence of that there is an entertainment aspect to it.

Martin didn’t play a great brand of football at Celtic but was very effective at a European level. If he had a decent keeper he would of won proper silverware too at that level. But Ireland don’t have a Lambert, Petrov, Sutton or Larsson.

There was a sense of hopelessness to the whole thing.


Anti-MON posters were confiscated. But the point is well made, most people see Delaney as the main problem here.


Kenny wants the job


Such bollox if it happens. Has done nothing in recent times to suggest he deserves a 2nd bite at the cherry


Well considering how Ipswich are doing since he left, I think it is hard to say that he has done nothing.

So saying I would like to see Kenny be given a go.


Did I hear Kenny is 8/11 ??


With all the success at Dundalk it makes a lot of sense for Kenny to be given a chance for the Emerald Isle I think.


Begorrah do you think so now Ohm. Bejaysus there’d be a fair pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for him if he won us a few matches leprechauns and all that we are.


I’d argue he did enough first time round to deserve a second bite of the cherry.

The Saipan incident completely undermined him. I think it’s been well proven since that Keane has shown himself as a disruptive influence many times since Saipan, thrown out of United and shown himself to be a complete disruption in the current set up (squaring up to players and completely undermining them in front of the squad).


We had an awful habit of conceding late goals in his tenure. Was rescued in a number of games by the two Keane’s more than once. Told Irwin to go and prove himself the same year he won the PL, FA Cup and the European Cup. People are looking back on that through rose tinted glasses


Relevance Guy???

Won’t count his later Ipswich years as he had fcuk all to work with, whereas if he gets this job …actually never mind.


Different manager is merely papering over the cracks, Delaney out or it’s as you were.