UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


didnt know there was an u21 euros.


There probably isn’t…
The FAI are inventing it.


It’s an established tournament and prestigious to win . We have never qualified afaik. If Noel king is still in charge he will find a way for us not to qualify even though we are hosts.



Useless gobshite

Mohan has done well with the U-19s so would be a fine replacement


How he has been in the job as long as he has is just laughable. He s a fuckin clown , anytime he s interviewed confirms that. I d go as far to say he s the worst manager in any position in any code in the country .


He’s a Yes man for the Dear Leader Delaney


That is it exactly, no other reason he s there.


Robbie Keane being linked with the u21 post .


Has he any coaching experience?


No but’s his dream to manage at (enter potential destination)


Coaching role with with the U-21s not the managers job


Yeah sorry I should clarify, a role within the set up reports are stating. So could be either. He has his coaching badges and at worst he s an improvement on Noel king who as an fai employee will get another job in the fai . Preferably cleaning the jacks at the Aviva.


That used to be Peter Casey’s favourite team, yeah?


He did a bit in India so not much of note really.


[quote=“DUB09, post:479, topic:2992, full:true”]

That used to be Peter Casey’s favourite team, yeah?
You ll have to explain that one to me ?


Google “Avila Park”


I geddit now :roll_eyes:


The fact they are giving him another job within the association shows exactly why the ground ball is in a jocker


He must know some dirt …

Player Identification? Huh? Buy a fcuking mirror …


About fucking time although him staying on in another role is a joke.

Tom Mohan would be a great choice has done a great job with the U-19s