UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


surely we should have a few travelers winning gold in equestrian events so…


Hmmm. A few thousand Vs 4 million. There are boats everywhere in NZ. And there’s money. People are always on or in the water. There’s thousands of beaches and a huge amount of coastline. Much more than Ireland even


I read within the last day or two that there is a lot of poverty, of late, in NZ.


More Serbs in former Yugoslavia teams but fair amount of Croats too. Croatia success at producing players is based on the dinamo Zagreb mostly and to a lesser extent hajduk split academies. Also Yugoslavian coaches took Brazil as their reference point hence the emphasis on skillful players from Serbia and Croatia.


Serbia has a bigger population. In terms of sports, both countries seem to do well and/or be very enthusiastic about the same sports so, with a larger population, it was probably always going to be the case that Serbia provided more players than Croatia to the Yugoslav football team.


Yep, in Maori and Pacifica communities that’s true. However those communities also contribute high numbers to top level sports. Outside of those communities there’s child welfare issues but those are much more to do with rights and protection in law rather than poverty.
Rights and services for kids with learning disability are limited here, and elderly people are much better looked after in the cultures of Maori and Pacific Island peoples than kids, which adds to the issue and stats about child welfare.

It is generally speaking a wealthy country and those living in more ‘traditional’ communities with higher levels of unemployment often have access to the ability to earn from land and retribution monies belonging to extended family. Living off the land in NZ is much more possible than in Ireland for example, as there is much more available land and the climate is more favourable. And by culture/tradition its still seen as quite a desirable way to live too. Alot of poorer people fish and grow stuff.


Johnathan Wilson Sunday times football writer I think , wrote a book about east European football. In the communist era Yugoslavian team usually had a rough quota 5 Serbs 3 Croats 2 Bosnians and whatever good player was available from the other states. You couldn’t have 11 Serbs or Croats as it compromised the Yugoslav ideal.


In the early 90’s, when Yugoslavia was having it’s post Tito elections, Dinamo Zagreb played Red Star Belgrade.
Game became a series of assaults by players on each other. Crowd & police ended up on pitch bating each other. Zagreb captain, Boban I think,booted a policeman who was bating a Zagreb fan.
Ended up a hero in Croatia.


Yeah that footage is on YouTube. That was a doc on BT sport about 2 Yugoslavian basketball players who were friends in youth sides and who ended up in the NBA . One was Croat who died in a car crash (petrovic) and the other a Serb. Once brothers it’s called, very good even if you have no interest in basketball and I don t.


Wonder was that based on ethnic population breakdown? I presume Serbia was the majority of the overall pop, then Croatia and so on


Yeah apparently but ability was taken into account too. Not many Slovenians turned out for Yugoslavia in soccer it seems but they were prominent in skiing and skating apparently as they were the popular sports there. Soccer was all about keeping the ethnic balance to appease. It meant you could miss out to lesser players though to keep others happy. Basically to keep the Serbs and Croats happy.


A 30 for 30 doc I think. They’re generally all superb and this one’s no different


Very good doc . Drazen Petrovic was a brilliant player & highly respected in the NBA despite been a European . Tragically died . The conflict ended their friendship .That Yugoslavian team were legendary & many went on to have very good careers in the NBA .


The part near the end when the Serb ( Divac! ) crosses into Croatia to visit the grave , the hatred , a brave man.


Hard watch all right . Very sad how it all turned out .


I worked in Germany on the program when the Yugoslav refugees were applying for visas for the US and elsewhere. So many great people. I feel sorry for those who ended up in problematic places in the US. Alot of them or their children etc have also gone on to great things in basketball, football and tennis, for example, in other places like Australia. The wine industry in Australia and NZ benefited alot from them too.

Met two Serbs recently, getting away from home for a few months, working and travel, the lucky ones who can, who said that things are really hard there now, a civil breakdown is quite possible.


Have caught a few of them , yeah agree top quality stuff.


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Windsor Park

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