UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Only 51??? Years left in him …

A good mate of mine used to say … I don’t mind you shittin on me head - as long as you don’t rub it in …


Are the number there though? In an international context they’re not really. we’ve done well for a good while but we’re currently lacking any real quality. When you’re playing numbers are as small as ours are, then you’re always going to have periods when you’re shite. Especially with injuries. Could we be doing better? Sure but is it a given? Nope.


The numbers are certainly there. The problem is that the conduits have disappeared and nothing has replaced them. We actually produce really good players up to 15/16 and then a combination of Fergie managers, lack of patience, lack of opportunity and poorer structures drive young lads away in huge numbers.


Problem is opportunity as you state. Not only are the good South American players in Europe all the average and bad ones are too. Keeping our best young players in a reasonable standard at home until they are 22 -23 and maybe they re ready then to play at a higher level abroad is our best way forward. Never happen mind you.


Numbers compared to the serious soccer nations? Not convinced. Is our record to u15 that good? Not noticed.


Above u/15 is still good. Our numbers at least as good as Scandinavian countries and better than Gibraltar … who won at the weekend! :flushed:


In other news …


Great stuff from the young lads, brilliant. :+1:


Any report on US :us: and Peru :peru:?


FAI dropped in 80 tickets into the job yesterday afternoon for Wales game. One of the lads looked at tickets and they were for Denmark game :joy::joy:


How the falcon hell did that happen?


But the scandi countries seem to take in turns to stink the place out as well. Sweden are no great shakes, Norway etc. Denmark were last good around the time the Ladrups boys were strutting their stuff.


Croatia seem to do consistently well, despite basketball being a massive sport there.


Look at the players they keep producing and the clubs they represent.
since we’ve had one World Class player (Roy Keane), they’ve had probably 8-10.
(btw my definition of world class would be playing for a top team in a major league consistently for a sustained period, inc. champions league etc.)…Duff might be next on this criteria.

Back in the day they had Suker, Prosinecki (?), Srna, Boban, Boksic…
Now - Modric, Rakatic, Perisic, Mandzukic (past it now, but Bayern, Athletico & Juve on the CV).

My history isn’t great, but would a lot of the former Yugoslav players have been Croats? They had some very good teams too.

Your point is valid in terms of population, but as always, the diversity of sport on offer in Ireland stops us being great at any one global sport (e.g. NZ rugby)


Diversity? Croatia produce great tennis players. What do we produce? Some good golfers and occasionally good rowers.


Those are some specific sports…we probably produce better boxers (MMA pugilists :crazy_face:), equestrian.

Amazingly, here are the Summer Olympic medal hauls of both countries (Granted we’ve been at it longer, and Michelle Smith had a outboard motor attached)…but still
Ireland 9G 10S 12B = 31 Total
Croatia 11G 10S 12B = 33

Anyway, my point was that a Paul Flynn, say, would be a top flight athlete in any sport if harnessed and trained in a specific discipline from a young age.

Croatia are clearly more sportingly diverse than NZ say, but I still think that we are a step up again in sports that would use similar skill sets / body types (i.e field sports)


I took your point wrong. I thought you meant there was a large diversity of sport on offer in Ireland.

I just looked up NZ’s total Olympic medals haul. For a country supposedly so focussed on one sport alone, they have won 46 Gold, 27 Silver and 44 Bronze medals in Summer Olympic games. Those medals have come from 13 different sports.


Gaelic Footballers. Don’t forget we produce great Gaelic footballers. We do in Dublin anyway, which used to be the main producer of Irish international soccer players.


I hear ya…I mean that our main sports are all feeding off similar skill-sets, generally.

That is quite the medal haul alright, perhaps I shouldn’t generalise so much, or view NZ through such all-black tinted glasses (someone should invent those :sunglasses:)
Rowing, Sailing and Canoeing account for a large portion of those medals, perhaps as an island nation we should be better at water based events…NZ took home 18 medals in Rio…some going


They are very strong in water sports because everyone is doing that stuff anyway from a young age, just part of the culture.