UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Exhibit A M’Lawd in the case against the FAI.

I believe they came after our own man JC (no coincidence he has the same initials as the biblical lord) and he refused the huge pay rise to keep the ship afloat.


This is the big problem . Maybe someone with a bit knowledge of the underage scene could find some players . But how are they going to break into the PL . Its actually remarkable how Coleman progressed from the LOI , but he was a special talent & that generally rises to the top.


O neill has no plan. We start off with 1 recognized striker , he then brings 3 on in the 2nd half with Hogan ballooning a cross and long also trying to take on a full back. Arter and McClean are red cards in waiting. Pick a system pick players who suit it best and work at it. No one expects miracles but that s what he did at Leicester and Celtic . He had Larsson at Celtic but otherwise ordinary enough players at both clubs.


Wouldn’t agree with that & he was unbelievably unlucky to lose to Joses Porto in the '03 Uefa Cup final . There was alot of quality players in that team at the time . They probably overachieved if anything .


JD is untouchable. How can he justify that big salary with Irish football going backwards.


This is a joke , right ?
Remember this is the guy calling for a 33 team world cup when we went out against France . The guy is an embarrassment , laughing all the way to the bank.


His question was probably misunderstood by you?




Agree the man is embarrassment . Refuses to speak to media, constantly drunk in public, singing rebel sings and denied was him. Himself and Fran Gavin were a joke passing the buck on the Limerick, Bray fiasco. Delaney, O’Neill and Keane are paid ridiculous money and should be shown the door.


Who apart from Larson? Sutton was effective sure but he was just a target man. Alan Thompson was ok but I watched a lot of that UEFA cup run as the brother is a Celtic fan and guts got them a long way . Lucky against Villarreal ( I think) in the semis. Bobo balde and valgaeran at the back , hardly world class. But they gave everything and they had clear instructions from o neill. He s just making it up now.


This is the fucking problem . Thinks he’s one of the lads , the common fan who goes to support the team . Truth is he’s living it up like a fat cat while hard working , decent , honest fans are shelling out ridiculous sums of money to travel & support the national team .While this ■■■■ jumps in with that 33 team bullshit to ride the wave of emotion & anger that followed that cheating swine Henry . At least Trap was brutally honest of where we were at , as much as that hurt. O’Neill is almost beyond parody at this stage . And Delaney is enabling this reign .


Boavista , and in lucky , are you referring to Larssons goal .I didn’t say the defense or keeper were any great shakes but Sutton & Hartson were very effective . Larsson was world class & increased his legend at Barcelona . Moravcek was superb. Thopmson chipped in alot of important goals & Petrov was very good .
As i stated , they probably say overachieved but they knocked out two premiership teams & Stuttgart . And they had a brain fart in defense which gifted Porto a win in extra time .


Boavista it was. He did a great job with them which is my point. I don t think petrov was any great shakes but like all of them he was given a clear role to do and he did it well. Moravcik was gone from Celtic by 03 but he was a good player. A manager with a bit about him could get more out of Hendrick, Doherty, and when they return Brady and McCarthy.


Has he ever put in a shift for ireland


A few . Limited but does a decent job in front of the back 4. Bar v Belgium in the euros I don t recall any calamitous performances from him.


Its a sad time when this is where the bar is set .
Id say he has been deeply disapointing for Ireland . I wouldnt be pinning any hopes on him anyway .



Delaney never had interest in LOI. It all about the international team and bringing in revenue from that. The day he bought drink for Ireland fans on train,Monaghan Utd folded the same day.


But didn’t he make denis o brien a honoury president . - what a joke shop. Thankfully I’ve little or no interest in Irish soccer


Our underage teams are always competitive but there is a huge void to get them to the next step especially now the Premier League door is more or less shut.

Something has to be done about that - ideally a good domestic league. There is no reason why the LoI can’t be a successful league if the teams realise the limitations given our population and the FAI drive it. They currently want nothing to do with it because it costs money and makes none.

Rugby has always been run by intelligent people. Look at how they have dealt with the transition to professsionalism. Yes the AIL has suffered but you can’t have it every way. Unfortunately the FAI has never had anyone with any vision or sense of reality. It’s all about international football but that can be very limited as we are now seeing and having taken their eye off the ball (pardon the pun there mods!) - they actually never had the eye on it anyway - the whole thing is now a catastrophe.

But as long as the FAI don’t have to answer questions and load their AGM with yes men the circus will continue.

The critical mass (numbers at underage) are there - much more so than rugby. There are good coaching structures too but at about 16 the whole thing goes pear shaped. If you’re not Lionel Messi by then you can fcuk off … until you find social football again in your 20s.