UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


As my Mam, God rest her, used to say, ‘if you can’t give enough time to do your match reports properly, best not to do them at all.’


Forgot to say this in the past few days congrats to :gibraltar: Gibraltar on their famous win in :armenia: Armenia!


Best thing about that was they played the Liechenstein anthem beforehand by accident. Gas.


Alex Ferguson and John Magnier must be thrilled.


Martin O’Neill must be counting his blessing ahead of tonight’s game… no Gareth Bale, no Aaron Ramsey.


We ll still make Wales look like Barcelona as O neill still thinks he s Brian clough and will try something stupid like play a 2-6-2 formation with Duffy up front. Later we ll hear he only decides that as the players are in the tunnel.


Whats the story if / when we finish bottom of this group . Do we go into a lower pot for the seeding ?


Do we need a gardening thread for posts like this? :joy:


Well, there’s no shortage of manure fertiliser.






It was like the time they played the Irish national anthem at the Ulster Final


Thats a little bit different though :smile:


Ukraine vs Czech Republic coming up.


The players we have Christ it’s awful. McLean a headbanger .


… but a great personality …


Can I borrow your jigsaw?

The soccer is dreadful.


Yeah but he’s our headbanger.


I d rather he was someone else’s.


Fair enough.

Nice poppy btw.

Shurrup i’m messin… :wink: