UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


First time England have featured in a pay per view only game. People up in arms about it - FA have sold their souls … meh are they only seeing it now.

Michael Deignan tweeting his pissed offness that his Da can’t see Harry Kane.




HT :croatia: Croatia 0 :uk: England 0 (No England flag I guess)

Not to much as happened. Ben Chilwell had a good cross in cut out by Dynamo Kiev’s Josip Pivaric. Croatia’s best chance when Pivaric’s cut back dummied by Ante Rebic eventually coming into the middle for Andrej Kramaric who’s shot was saved by Jordan Pickford. Eric Dier’s header hit the post on a Jordan Henderson cross. Thats about it though. Would like to see Karlo Bartolec come on for Tin Jedvaj at right back in the 2nd half.

FT :croatia: Croatia 0 :uk: England 0

That wasn’t the best game. Ivan Perisic with a shot stopped by Pickford. Marcus Rashford had 2 chances. One stopped by Croatian and Dinamo Zagreb goalie Dominik Livakovic. The other completely scuffed. Harry Kane had a header off the bar. Tin Jedvaj nutmegged Ben Chilwell and sent a nice cross with pace into the middle by Rakitic couldn’t get full under it and get a powerful shot away. Jaden Sancho had a late cross that was just tipped away by Livakovic otherwise it could of been a goal. Both teams seemed happy with a point from 60 minutes onward.


Very cold here. No sign of a bloody coffee anywhere either.


HT update :belarus: 1 :luxembourg: 0


You’re lucky I’m not a mod. I would ban you for that




Sauda Arabia v Brazil

Jesus scored and Mohammed sent off.

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I just thought of that.
I’m posting it here cos I’m too scared to put it on twitter.
Although it’d probably take 4 lads to hold up my mallet head if they caught a hold of me!


Shocking from Rashford. Shane Long would have scored that.


Let’s not lose the run of ourselves.


Norway vs Slovenia should be a good one tomorrow


Did you get a panoramic crowd photo? We might be able to spot you.

Can’t see any evidence of Croatia-England in results on Soccerway.com. In fact they’ve got World Friendlies listed but not the EUFA Nations League games! Anyway, Slovakia-Czech Rep could be good.




Different continent, but there’s a name I’ve never heard of… For a country… eSwatini.


Formerly Swaziland.


HT :norway: Norway 1 :slovenia: Slovenia 0

A poor back pass from Leo Stulac gave Tarik Elyounoussi a great chance early on saved by Slovenian keeper Vid Belec. Right after the save there was a nasty collision between Markus Henrksen and center half for Slovenia Luka Krajnc. Their was about a 5 minute stoppage with Kranjc having to go off on a stretcher and Henriksen getting his head bandaged up. Slovenia aren’t helped that they are still missing 2 of their best players in Kevin Kampl and Jan Oblak. They didn’t offer a lot in the first half. Best chance when center forward Andraz Sporar pulled back the ball for Empoli mid fielder Miha Zajc but his shot couldn’t find the target. There was a shout for a penalty when a long throw flicked on by Sondre Rosted to Joshua King caused King to go down but the penalty wasn’t given. Captain Stefan Johansen continued to try to play the long ball up to Tarik Elyounoussi without any effect. Another chance for Zajc in the box bent well wide. It looked like it would be goaless going into the break but in the 5th minute of 1st half injury time Norway got their goal. Joshua King’s cross headed away but only as far as defensive mid Ole Kristian Selnæs who sruck sweetly on the half-volley into the top left corner of the net past Vid Belec.

FT :norway: Norway 1 :slovenia: Slovenia 0

Not a lot of great chances in the 2nd half but Norway get the job done. Belec the Slovenian keeper took far to many chances and almost paid when Tarik Elyounoussi blocked a clearance and it nearly ended up in the net. A good cross from Omar Elabdellaoui headed over by Moi Elyounoussi. Slovenia had a chance when Miha Zajc cross looking to be heading into the path of Roman Bezjak only to be cut out by center back for Norway Sondre Rosted. Slovenia had a late chance through Rene Krhin but his header was to strong. Miha Zajc was probably the best player for Slovenia on the night but they were counter attacking the whole 2nd half and it really made things difficult for them. Norway denied a 2nd after a late chance for Joshua King in injury time was saved by Belec. Norway with their first win in League C while Slovenia have lost all 3 of their matches so far.


Not to sure if that is still the case ,they are not producing top quality players like they used to , beside the Liverpool centre half van dyke i cant off the top of my head think of a decent player


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Think we are only one of 5 countries in europe that doesnt have a player in its squad that has played either champions or europa league foitball