UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


This is getting more and more surreal.


I’m not sure why Ajax (the football team not the cleaning fluid Dub09) was brought up to be honest by anyway Croatia are playing England this afternoon with the loser very likely to get relegated.


Yes but he played in goal when he started at u6 but then the Dutch do the total football thing so that is not unusual even though his cousin says he was as good as Cluxton. He actually played a lot up front for MVV Alcides in Meppel where he lived when he was around ten and I heard he got five hat tricks one season.


No match report on US and Colombia? :wink:


Thats’ not on this thread though


I am starting to wonder am I on drugs or is Ohm


I don’t partake in that.


Croatia England could be tasty later .


Was offered tickets for it earlier.


It would have explained a lot.


Its behind closed doors though


That explains why they were so cheap.
I’m such a silly sausage sometimes


I’ll buy them off you if you still have them.

See DM


Hash or cash?


Cheers - thanks for reply. Just check that IBAN Number. Great seats too I reckon.


Just happy that they went to a real fan.


Ha , just turned it on , wondered wtf was going on :joy:


I thought it was Falcon’s welcome home party when I saw the crowd…


He sold all the tickets for this event by the looks of it!


Twice over knowing him :grinning: