UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Don’t want to click but is that a wee bit of sarcasm?


More Irish players competing in European competitions is one …


He said players might be better off in Dutch or Spanish leagues instead of league 1 in England. But decent Spanish or Dutch clubs won t want you if that’s your level.


I’ve said this before the youngfellas need to look beyond the likes of England and Scotland. Not necessarily going to Spain or Italy but even if they went to the likes of Holland,Denmark Sweden etc…


A decent, well-supported national league would be a start. And when I say “well supported”, I’m not just talking about fans going through the turnstiles (though and increase in numbers here would be welcome).


But what can they do - send their CVs? Isn’t there an end of season League that serves as a shop window for theses Leagues. I haven’t heard many Irish lads getting snapped up.


Dutch haven’t been so hot lately either…


What price would I get on the Danes?


A bag of axes and horned helmets, and maybe a sword.


we should. we’ll be playing them soon enough.


True but Ajax have a good generation again and the Dutch will come good again. They miss out every now and again but come back strongly once they get their act together e.g missed 82 and 86 World cups but won euro 88. Missed out in 2002 but semi finals at 04 euros .


They have Matthijs de Ligt now so thats a start


Sure he’ll be gone in January. The fans will be De Ligt-ed but won’t be delighted.


Probably but they will have their injured captain Joel Veltman back by then and they also have 18 yr old Perr Schuurs. See if you can make puns with those names.


Queen had a song about him.

Under Perr Schuurs


Ajax will be fine once Donny van de Beek continues his midfield prowess. I have also been impressed with Daley Sinkgraven at left full. As long as they keep the ball on the floor and can get men in around the back without over committing in attack all should be quite good really.


Sinkgraven is still out injured. Hasn’t played yet this season.


The Argentine lad that plays left back for them is actually class…Tagliafico


I do business with his cousin (Heidi Sinkgraven-Byrne and she tells me his knee is in great shape and he’ll be back soon. Good to see old Donny van de Beek rattled the net last week too.


Yeah he got a lot of flack for Argentina at the world cup but he’s been really good this season. So much so when Sinkgraven (normally left back) comes back they might leave Tagliafico at left back and but Sinkgraven into central midfield where he used to play at Heerenveen.