UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Radio advert tonight for the nation’s league begging people to go. Always reminds me when the fai had a ticket office under Carroll’s Westmoreland Street. Went in looking for tickets for myself and the two boys for a match. The guy behind the ticket counter - blazer, shirt&tie, balding and beer belly - told me I also had to buy tickets for a friendly as well. When I said I didn’t have that kind of money he literally shrugged his shoulders and said wait till we’re back in landesdowne and there’ll be only 50,000 seats.
■■■■ them.


I hope the weather on Saturday isn’t so bad that we can’t get the ball down and play our passing game …


They’re giving away tickets to schoolboy clubs for the Denmark match. No limit on the amount of tickets the clubs can get including adult tickets! It’s dressed up as an reward for attending summer camps and mini world cups, but shows how desperate they are to get a crowd in that that they are giving away for free literally thousands of tickets.


A reward ??? Punishment more like!! :grin:


HT :faroe_islands: Faroe Islands 0 :azerbaijan: Azerbaijan 1

Poor half from the Faroes. THey moved the ball way too slow. Right back Gilli Sorensen with a shot just outside the box slicing over the bar. Azerbaijan got their goal off an Araz Abdullayev cross not taken cleanly by Faroes goalie Gunnar Nielsen eventually falling to Richard Almeida inside the box to bury. Faroes had a dangerous corner attacked by center mid Rene Joensen that was eventually cleared after some panic in the box. The ball came out to center-half Odmar Færø but he couldn’t quite hit the target. One final chance in the half as Jóan Símun Edmundsson had his shot blacked behind for the corner. Nothing coming from the resulting set piece.

HT :faroe_islands: Faroe Islands 0 :azerbaijan: Azerbaijan 3

Azeris full deserved of the 3 points. The Faroes were flat all night it has to be said. They did get an indirect free kick after a back pass to Kamran Aghayev was played with the hands as he slipped on the surface. THe indirect free kick though was poor as Edmunsson’s effort was blocked at the near post. Azerbaijan got their 2nd with Rufat Dadashov playing a nice pass inside the box for fellow forward Dimitrij Nazarov who side footed into the net past Faroe Islands goalie Gunnar Nielsen. It got worse for the Faroes when Gunnar Nielsen gave away a penalty. Richard Almeida blasted the resulting penalty into the roof of the net. Faroes had some late chances off set pieces with center half and captain Atli Gregerson side flicking the ball off the bar and a Heini Vatnsdal header saved very well by Kamran Aghayev. The pressure came far to late from the home side though. Kosovo lead this group now with 6 points and Azerbaijan in 2nd with 5.


OK. I’m gonna lay it down thick for you Ohm. Nobody gives a rats ass about Faroes Vs Azerbaijan.


Which team does Odmar Færø play for?


You are obviously just a Faroe weather supporter!




Couple of Azeri lads post here , I d say they re interested.


Scotland , once again make a bollix of things .


Not Azerbaijan :wink:


Not even in ladies hockey?


Tomorrow Dub09’s 2nd favorite international team are away at Belarus


I look forward to the updates much as one would do having knitting needles inserted in one’s eyes.


Is that Brigitte’s young fella ?


I was in school with this guy’s brother, Ta-me Abdulabhaile but he went back home.


What channel is the volleyball on? I heard Dublin 09 was a fan of the Brazil team.


No I went off them when one of the blokes was very ungracious after they lost to Norway.

What price are Denmark to redden our arses?


With great minds like this on the case we’re bound to bounce back