UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


Just heard that, would anyone be surprised?


He’d make a great u12 GAA coach so …


■■■■ off :joy:


Not able to post a link but if you haven’t heard the Stephen ward WhatsApp audio it’s hilarious. If any of it is remotely true Keane is truly the headbanger we thought he was.


It’s all a smoke screen around the fact that we’re shite(no problem with that, as in don’t have the players to be qualifying etc, possibly weakest ever squad) but it’s that O’Neill and Keaneo have no clue how to make it any better apart from shite football.


Love it


@Ohm San Marino v Luxembourg should be an absolute belter later on. Where will you be watching?


Luxembourg are a sleeping giant


Belarus slipped up tonight in Chisinau.


Is that a tractor?


Absolutely ripping the piss here now. Taking more piss than pampers!


Were either of them hurt?


Can we get a detailed report of the events?


I didn’t watch it tonight. Maybe at some point. Luxembourg in full control of their group now it seems.



Liam Brady in that?


Was that Mick McCarthy eamonn Dunphy interview on paddy power real or fake? Can’t imagine them sitting down together.


I can almost hear Steve Staunton answering your question… “You tell me.”


Jack looking well :clap:

Charlie O’Leary still on the go as well. He’s well into his 90s now :clap:


One of RTE Sports greatest presenters. The way he’d lob the grenade into the panel which started a row and he’d just sit back was magnificent :ok_hand: