UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification


@Wasonthehill83 My comment was aimed at an earlier post. Didn’t see Ireland play the other night so couldn’t give an opinion. Have supported Ireland for over 40 years through thick, thin and thinner and like you will continue to do so.


Yer grand , thought it was an open question and I decided to answer :+1:.


Luke Shaw completely knocked out there. Nasty. Didn’t move at all. This could be quite a very serious injury judging by the efforts of the medics on field. Potential for serious head and neck injuries. Sport has a high price to pay at times.


Jaysus, unlucky fella


He tweeted there 40 mins ago to say he was doing alright, so hopefully not as nasty as it looked.


Good quality highlights not in English though. Sorry


“It’s the place I long to beee, with your Mtns so lofty, and your treetops so tall, Finland has it all…”


There’s something starting to happen in Luxembourg football. First Dudelange make history qualifying for Europa league group stage. Today they hammer Moldova 4-0. Their biggest win some time. Also one of the players for Luxembourg plays here in MLS for my club team’s rivals.


Are you on the Luxembourg football site posting all types of stuff about Dublin GAA? Cause that would be as logical as this.


Dub09’s 2nd favorite football country :sunglasses:


2nd??? :thinking:


Sounds like they’re pulling away from the chasing pack of tiny central European nations due to their massive banking resources, and perhaps they should be split into four along language boundaries?


When Wales went 2-0 down commentator said that opens the door for Ireland … :joy::joy::joy:


German, French, Dutch, and Luxembourgish


Can’t see us beating Moldova 4-0


They had 4 good chances in the first half and should scored on at least 2 of them but were behind instead and Luxembourg dominated the 2nd half.


So you actually watched Luxembourg v Moldova match?


Whatsapp audio doing the rounds of what went on between Roy and John Walters & harry arter as narrated by Stephen Ward (allegedly).

if true you would wonder why some of our less patriotic players would bother turning up.


Exactly… I’ve been going since the 70’s, long before the Charlton era, enjoyed the good times, went to World Cups etc. Won’t turn my back on them now.


As soon as they started losing I was off. No point in supporting teams that can’t win. Been to Wembley a couple of times recently and England playing great stuff. If Gareth can build on WC2018 we mightn’t be far off.