UEFA Nations League/Euro 2020 Qualification



What’s the grass like over Stateside ?

Strong ?


funny how quick it turns, they’re praising Biran Kerr in the radio now, forgetting that the football under him was as bad of not worse and he had a better team to work with.


Hate to say this but what exactly is stopping us playing like NI . A comment i thought id never say .Do they actually have a better squad than us now .


Bosnia 1 up , totally against the run of play .


I haven’t watched northern Ireland, people say they play nice football - I wonder is that slightly exaggerated?


Haven’t seen much of them either but they were decent today . Second goal for Bosnia was fortunate too .


Will Grigg is on…


Unlucky for NI .


Finland vs Hungary


Despite TV trying otherwise the vast majority of club matches are on Saturday afternoon still in the UK and uefa are spacing matches through “game weeks” which, frankly, is a load of bollocks.


the 5pm and 7:45 make sense but 2 pm is pretty early.


Word from UEFA hq is they want to give ohm time to get his must read reports up on the res dub site, hence the staggered times. Staggering reports for staggered matches is the UEFA policy I heard. Fair play ohm I hear sports illustrated are going to make you an offer.


Very funny :expressionless:


EPL have 12.30 early and 5.15 late games but all the others are 3pm

Irish league are all 3pm Saturday.


Only joking :grinning:


Switzerland could have been beating Iceland 7 nil here only for two goals chopped off for offside .
Iceland look disinterested.


6 nil now , fucking hell , dismantled.


I think some countries are just treating this as friendlies under a different name.


Spain England could be good .
But yeah , it seems like a filler for international games , more games,more coverage , more money .