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While its not right Witty I think you are being a bit melodramatic here … Surely they can switch shifts - people do it all the time? Come on now move on - there is plenty more things to moan about …


Not that easy to text someone on Monday and ask them to cover a weekend shift. Ah sure alright dub I’ll be like everyone else and moan about that new stadium they’re building instead of about actual players being shown total disrespect from the county board. Whether you like the 21s grade or not, and whether it’s A,B,C or D championship, players deserve more respect than that.


That’s accepted and stated above.


Unfair to say I’m being melodramatic, especially relative to some people on here :smirk: :joy:


OMG!!! You havin’ a pop?


If the shoe fits… :wink:


Bitch!!! :joy::joy::joy:


County board are dead right. Pesky club players… there is a 3 in a row and nobody dare cause the slightest thing to prevent it.


@Dub09 @something_witty @beeko Better of with the Hurling lads, less hassle, Big Ball will ruin you…


Aye, I heard Dub prefers the smaller balls alright…




I’m told that Plenty of notice was given for the Wednesday fixture. This can be confirmed by the clubs. What are DCB to do if the host club pull the pitch at short notice? Clubs will not provide floodlit pitches in the current weather and with their own teams training as well. It’s easy to publish fixtures it another thing trying to get venues especially ones with lights. Those who don’t share their own pitch as a neutral venue can’t really complain.


I accept that point board but to pull it to facilitate county training is a urine take


5 days notice for the Wednesday fixture.
What are the DCB to do? Hmm how about not schedule a training session for the same time and place as a championship final?


Are you Alan in disguise,
Are you A-Alan in disguise


CCC have no control over training sessions and depend on the generosity of clubs for pitches. If the venue owners decide to cancel the booking for the match what can they do.


The rules say 5 days notice is all that is required.


I’m aware of the rules thanks.


I’d say a few Scaleros changed hands there…


Every Chance you get to have a pop at Brigids!!!