U21 Football


I was talking with a Crokes lad this morning. 12 of last nights U21 side are underage again next year.
some of them are going for a 3 in a row,


Where did you get the details of the draw,we have been fixed away in D semi final to Ravens yet according to this draw we should be at home


Nafianna 1-6 ravens 1-4 in D semi final


One for the purists?


Erins isle 2-15 - 5-5 St.Anne’s in the C semifinal


I spoke to someone that was at that match, sound more like lots of poor shooting from both sides rather than a blanket defense. There was also a bit of confusion re the new mark rule. I would’nt fancy being a ref when the leagues start


the mark is simple enough, iv seen juv games where its been used and there was no problem, cant see how it would be a problem for a 21s match


2016 competition. Surely the mark didn’t apply for this game?


All games since Jan 1. And this includes the senior club semi finals and finals too.


In our game v annes the mark was simple enough didn’t cause any hassle bar one lad trying to tackle after the ball was caught clean


Na Fianna 2-20 Trinity Gaels 0-13 in U21 D Final;


U21 C championship final was fixed for tomorrow evening in balgriffen, we got a text last night saying that the game was changed to Saturday because the Dublin senior footballers are training in balgriffen tomorrow. A final changed at 2 days notice for a training session. Club comes first though!!


Wednesday evening in February was an awful time to have it in the first place. If no other competitions were being held up a weekend game should always have been the call


Either way being told 2 days before that it’s been changed just isn’t in at all, lads have already sorted things like work, and the suddenly it’s changed at no notice, for a training session…


I am not too surprised . This competition wouldnt appear to be held in too high regard by the county board . It never really has . A lot of clubs dont enter it now and it seems only the players playing it enjoy it . (those on senior panels may even prefare a break at that time of the year )
The only plus I personally can see in it is one of player rentrntion or getting some players back involved in 2nd and 3rd teams who may have fallen by the wayside after minor .


I thought the rule was 5 days notice for Championship if there’s a Time, Venue or Opposition change, it’s definitely in place at Senior Level.


I don’t think the two teams were given 5 days notice of the game being played on the Wednesday in the first place. I think the Wednesday fixture was only confirmed on Saturday and then changed on the Monday. Again this fixture would mean little to the county board and they would just throw it in whenever it suited them and not the clubs


You could argue the case that lads knew the fixture was coming up so should be prepared. But, mentally if you’re geared up for the Wednesday, then it’s changed again that does have an effect. Plus playing at this age group, lads are either in college during the week and then working at weekend. Not ideal,but, I agree does show little faith in the competition from the powers that be, and this is over both codes.


But potentially same for both teams Liam so no net gain for either?


Mental/physical preparation not the issue, the issue is, lads at this age are all working part time/shift work, where rosters have been completed last week, so by the time Monday comes round and suddenly the game is changed, they’ve no chance to get off work. County board showing total disrespect to both sets of players