U21 Football


On a Friday night or do you mean that weekend , any idea about the draw for the C semi final


This is what club got from county board - think it’s that weekend


U21 'A FC semi-final: @KCrokesGAAClub 1-18 @Bodengaa 0-6

Anyone able to explain that result? Boden’s senior contingent not playing because of league final on Tuesday?


Sure crokes must have 9-10 senior panelists - why is it a surprise ?


9/10 is pushing it. The '95 team for boden was very strong. Expected it to be a tight game.


Obviously means crokes can play a bit then so doesn’t it


I never suggested they couldn’t. Two evenly matched teams playing one another and one side wins by 15 points, thought the fact Boden have afl1 final on Tuesday or some other mitigating factor might explain the score line.


Any result from Fionnbarrs v Margarets in the D replay


Finbars won 3-9 to 2-11


0-10 to 0-01 at Half Time, 1-18 to 0-06 at full time and both teams lining out at full strength,
Simple answer. On the day, one team blew the other one away. Only one team on the pitch.


They obviously weren’t evenly matched. Crokes should win this.


Is there many from the Crokes team that won it last year still eligible?


Anyone got a score from the vins mun game lads ?


It was level at half time


Thanks for that
Tighter then expected


2-12 to 0-9 to Mun at the end.

Would agree surprised how close it was- can’t be anyone on the ballymun side older then 18. Must be practically a first year u21 team


Ballymun won well in the end

2-12 to 0-9


Did Shane Walsh tog for Vincents?


Just waiting for Alan freeman I think


No but i heard there was donegal U21 and 2 sligo lads and mayo U21 on the panel
Not sure if any of them started