U21 Football


I thought castkeknock were the future?


They were. But that was in the past.


And that was a team of lads who were all 1st year 21’s. Very impressive display. When is the next round?


Playing Raheny in the Senior League was good prep. :wink:


Syls Beat BSJ 0-15 to 0-09 in U21 B


And not playing Vincent’s in the Senior League WASN’T good prep.


As the saying goes Games are always better than training.


St Anne’s bet maurs 3-11 to 1-16


Vins 2.13 Brigids 0.5


Na fianna 3-15 Parnell’s 1-7 in the D chship


Cuala beaten 3-16 to 2-13 AET


Hard to believe how far back brigids have gone at football .


Skerries 7 Thomas Davis 3-11 in the B


Scoreline from Naf Boden?


Boden 5-9 Na Fianna 2-10


Clontarf beat Jude’s in the B


Any result in Mun v Lucan and Crokes v Cuala?
Is it open draw for the next round or what way does it work?
Assuming next round the 17th?


Syls 3-16 Whitehall 3-5 in B


Ballymun v Vins

Crokes v Boden


Cheers, right in saying the 17th for the next round? I know these schedules can be unpredictable