U21 Football Championship 2017


With all due respect Alan you say the same thing every time a Dublin underage team loses a game.


If he wants to play then there’s no reason why he shouldn’t. I actually hope he plays because holding him back for a final that is in 17 days is bizarre in my eyes. He’ll be absolutely fine by then. And the point about getting injured? Could easily happen in training too.

If we win, the next game is scheduled 2 days before Paddy’s Day, so would understand him not playing that, although he may be needed more then.

On the game itself, the forecast for tonight is awful, which could make this game a lot closer than one might think


The issue is not really to do with one or two games. It is much bigger than that.

As the inter county monster has gone on the rampage over the last twenty years the one thing that was sacrosanct for clubs was the championship, in particular the All Ireland semis and finals. Just by naming O’Callaghan that is now clearly no longer the case.

And it sickens me. And it absolutely would not be tolerated if it were the other way round. The tail is now in complete charge of the dog.


Good point, you would think Small would be a nailed on starter…


Also v good point…


I personally think he should be giving a night off for his club sakes. They may never reach this stage again.

For Con he has bigger fish to fry in 2weeks than the Seniors to follow.


Con here togged ready to go…


Paddy Small is injured lads


Another knife into the heart of club GAA.


Three late Dublin changes. Cian Murphy, Sean Bolger and Stephen Smith into the starting team for Donal McIllgorm, Colm Basquel and Chris Sallier.


Is it on the radio?


Will you cop on you bleedin drama queen. The young lad wants to play. Let him play.


5 up @ ht.


:joy:Yep there all mad :roll_eyes:


How’s Howard getting on in midfield?


It’s not about the young lad. It’s about the continued abuse by counties of their clubs. And it’s getting worse and worse. Sorry you can’t see that.

The GAA is no longer what it was. That’s a cause for great regret in my view.


1-6 to 0-5 now according to the match tracker thingy


It is about the young lad. The all Ireland final is 16 days away. He wants to play tonight. He could just as easily get hurt training with Cuala. Your using this as an excuse to have yet another cut at Farrell.


1-7 to 0-5 , Sallier on for Smith , 42 mins


Wrong. I would find it unacceptable under every and any circumstance.

The argument that he could be hurt training with Cuala is a total straw man. He could get hurt getting out of bed. It is not about that at all.