U21 Football Championship 2017


Great day in Tullamore . Queuing for tickets and who is standing behind me in the queue only Jim Gavin himself ! you have got to love the GAA !


Is he after Dessie’s job …


One thing I noticed both in this game and also in a couple of the senior league games is that the ref is giving very little protection to players as they bend to pick up the ball. Several times I’ve noticed players getting tackled as they bend to pick up the ball and they haven’t gotten a free.


That’s wasn’t the real Jim Gavin, the DCB got a few replicas made to send to different games😁


My post kinda proves both sides of that. A team that contained multiple future great players got well beaten by Westmeath in the final…


Would have agreed with most of what he said bar the stylish comment, workrate beat Galway, looked like the dubs had far more in the tank, few of the Galway players could not move, center back especially Byrne ran off his shoulder twice for the Goals, very impressed with the Half back line Murphy and Monaghan especially, not as high profile as the likes of Small,Jack, Lowdnes but put in some shift, also O’ Brien and Tom Fox look like lovely ball players, Comerford kickout were decent also.


I saw that too, he did give one or two for it I think. But I thought it a feature of the game that Dublin came away with the ball in nearly every instance where it was on the ground and someone had to go down on it.


Thought the wing backs were fine athletes but wouldnt have the football the current wing backs on the seniors have.
Two of the smallest players Murchan and O Brien were two of the classiest players on the team


Comerfords kickouts were exceptional actually I thought. I also thought the movement of the team to be available for the kickouts was very good. If we had got pinned back under our kick outs like Kerry were, we would have lost this game.

Comerford is getting nearer and nearer Cluxton standard every time I see him now. As he strengthens up, his ability to deliver the ball over distance, with a short run up and low trajectory is improving. Sometimes they go wrong, he sort of kicks the ground or something, but that will be fixed I am sure.


Yes you have a point but can’t remember either giving much away, i wouldn’t bet on either getting a Call up to the Senior panel just thought they did well Dubs well stocked on that area of the field, Murchan sacrificed his own attacking instincts by man marking there so- called danger man Daly who barely had a touch, couldn’t get over how poor they were, Cooke must have kicked away the ball at least 10-12 times alone.


Really enjoyed the game and agree with most of whats been said. Thought D Gavin was immense and deserved the MOTM award. Con while being well marked still created loads of space and link ups for scores. . Obviously has a shy side too, ran away from the speech!

From a Harps perspective, even though he was only on for a couple of minutes, thought Smith did well, great shimmy and score with his first touch, and then set up what should have been a goal. Pity he wasn’t on for longer, but thats the way it goes


He’s a really classy player. We might see more of him in the years ahead . That shimmy was just natural skill . But it’s the worst position on the Dublin team with the depth of talent


I noticed in the first half that he wasn’t using a tee for his kickouts, so that could explain the striking the ground aspect. His kickouts were great overall on Saturday, but I still have a concern about his size. I’d be worried about how he would deal with a ball dropping in on him, especially if he had to compete with with a big full forward. I was the far end of the pitch for the second Galway goal (so my view wasn’t perfect), but it looked to me like the kind of ball that the keeper should have dealt with.


He looks taller then cluxton . Is he not ?


I’m an avowed big fan of Stephen Smith but his size may go against him … but it shouldn’t. Wonderful to watch and delighted he got a run and a point …


I said it on the old site about 4 years ago when we were talking about Jack Smith with the 21’s. Jack and Eoin are 2 very good players, but the best was still to come


I think height wise he is about the same (a quick look around the web and all I can find is a reference to him being just under six foot). My concern is more that he is very slight and I don’t know if he has the frame to accommodate bulking up (As I’m not an expert this opinion could be utter nonsense, it’s just a concern I have, I’m not trying to state a fact).

Hopefully he can add some bulk, because I think he definitely has the skill and head to make it at the top level.


His kick outs are top class . High ball a slight concern maybe but he’s very young . Looks very promising though . On track to take over


Smith is very very Sharp the Jink inside was lovely, Gavin excellent at corner back serious pace and looks like an out and out corner back, himself Mcmahon and Howard all wearing retro Puma Kings :wink: no messing about with Fancy boots for them 3 :joy:


Puma Kings… best boots ever… moulded or screw-ins.