U21 Football Championship 2017


I just realised that Howard would have had another year at U21 if it still existed - to stand out like that with a year still to go at the (old) u21 is very good. A year or two makes a big difference at that age.

Also worth noting that they played nearly the entirety of the championship without Small and Clayton, two guys who would be considered among the stronger ones.


I think BH was also offered a place in Leinster Academy … thankfully he declined!


Don’t think so.


I know so …


Aaron Elliott would prob featured more if wasnt injured.


It’s good to come out of an u21 final , victorous and talking about our etwo men in midfield. Most impressive for me yesterday was guys ability to take on their man and run with the ball. Clearly encouraged from the sideline .


Maybe it’s because he got MOTM yesterday and people don’t want to be bandwagoning and I seen a post earlier asking would anyone have predicted Darren Gavin getting MOTM, for me he is quality.Not to take anything from the rest of the team all really impressed but DG has a rare quality.Against Westmeath he was well capable of soloing through a pack of 4 lads and keeping possession, for such an exceptionally tall lad the coordination from hands and feet is rare.In the Westmeath game he came on as sub in 2nd half in atrocious conditions and immediately got stuck in.
Yesterday against Galway I initially said to lad beside me bad news this early substitution, then when I seen who was brought on, my light hearted reaction was this is the lad I’ve been talking about, " the fielding of Fenton & ball carrying of Kevin Mc " ok a little OTT. For me he changed the advantage to Dublin when he came on.
Haven’t watched the game back yet and I know it often looks like two different matches when you get home and watch it, but standing behind the Galway goal I noticed how elevated the mentors where getting on their restarts trying to compensate for him .
I accept I can be wrong but I’m thinking if this lad gets the right game time, we might have something truly exceptional.


I hope your right, I was happy to see Foley go off because he looked unfit and I felt if he stayed on it would cost us. The impact of Gavin was instant. His fielding was exceptional.


Thank you, I feel if he was playing for any other county, the front of the sports supplements would be carrying his pic.Find overall response to Dublin teams winning very subdued, and while I’m at it some of our supporters a little over critical of our talent,


But no harm, I think that culture has served us really well. It’s the reverse somewhat of the way it used to be, now other counties get most of the hype, and seem at times to suffer for it


The Kerry u21 All-I finalists of 1999, who were well beaten by Westmeath, included the following players:

Tom O’Sullivan
Mike McCarthy
Tomás Ó’Sé
Tommy Griffin
Aodhán MacGearailt
Tadhg Kennelly
Paul Galvin

They had won the final in 98, with a couple of those players named above, plus ‘Fitzy’ and MFR. Brian Scanlon was in that squad too. So from those two years they got at least 10 of the team that went on to win some or all of the 5 Snr All-Is in the 00s. And from the 2000 u21 team they got Eoin Brosnan, Michael Quirke, and Marc O’Se.


Thought I’d post this here instead of the Examiner thread, great picture in dressing room


I actually thought Byrne made some excellent decisions through the game with some of his movements off the ball opening space. I was disappointed that O’Callaghan didn’t show the same. I agree on O’Reilly, he was very composed and not afraid to take a player or the shot on when it was needed.


I thought it was a mixed bag. I think more decisions like the creation of the goal and I think he would be a really top player . But he’s young yet and played a lot of football in the half backs so he has time . A big club championship this year would really help him


Ir Times :


No . . . It must be held by the Purists and KOTF


Winning and losing games isn’t the most reliable of indicators. From the 20013 U21 team that lost to Longford in the first round of Leinster we got…
O Conghaile


The ref had a very good game in the final I thought - but he missed a howler about 3 or 4 minutes into the game. Byrne had a shot along the ground for goal, which the keeper saved at full stretch (a good save), he then scooped the ball in towards him, picked it up and cleared. All well and good, but he was a foot or two outside the small rectangle, so the whole thing was illegal as he didn’t just touch the ball on the ground once, he did it three of four times in the course of the play.


Also gave a yellow for a clear black.


He did, yeah. But I was sort of glad to be honest. It would have been very tough on a young lad having to walk after 20 min. But… those aren’t really the refs decisions to make, he needs to apply the rules.