U21 Football Championship 2017


Meanwhile, over on the Kerry forum, the bitterness is strong.

[quote]Congratulations to Dublin. It wasn’t terribly stylish but they worked extremely hard today and were much the fitter team. Looks like Galway played their All-Ireland against Kerry. Have to say their full-back was heroic, never gave up. MOTM for me.

I really hate those volleyball-style goals; makes a mockery of the game imo.[/quote]

Not a good lookin’ win: Check (What effing game were they watching?)
Dublin victory all down to fitness and work rate: Check
A Dub didn’t deserve his MOTM award: Check
The other lot really weren’t up for it: Check
Kerry played in the real All Ireland final: Check
Dublin scored a dodgy goal, that makes a mockery of the game: Check

A good days work all around then so, if we’ve pissed off Les Animaux !


Just back in the door from Tullamore after a few celebratory pints in Kilmainham. Great win and great game. Future is bright for us


Out of interest , what was the Galway prep like . Did they have a round of club games last week ?


I think this win is very sweet, we have had more talked about teams who didn’t produce. I for one sat and watched us lose to Tipp in the semi 2 years back and was very annoyed with Dessie and his decisions on the line.
This year I’ve been very impressed with the line. Work ethic comes from Management. Jack o Connor had a team of so called stars yet Galway destroyed them. Dessie (whether people like it or not ) won an All Ireland with a less than fancied team. Game plan in the two biggest games was well thought out and worked.
Unfortunetly guys missing their clubs championship games recently has soured some people’s views on these lads. While regretable is slightly understandable .
But to say Tommy Conroy is the ticket for Dublin ahead of Dessie (who by the way I’m not advocating) is nothing more than club politics.


Didnt know much about this team as havent been to much club games over last year or 2 so went along for a snoop. The little #4 is a cracking ball player but he’d need to grow a bit over the nect few years. The midfielder # 24 is also a fine footballer and it was my first time seeing basquel who i thought was excellent. Have to say i agree with the bitter kerryman about the volleyball style goals, it should be a single hand and closed fist or else free out-they’re basically throwing the ball at the minute and its pox.


That’s just a lovely bit of poetry right there. Royal Oak?


I’d say most people would agree but you only hear about it when it’s Dublin and Kerry’s “golden generation” team scored loads of goals like that. Der Bomber loved it and he’s on the team of the century isn’t he?


Paul Clarke in with a shout for me. Prior to the League Final build-up I would have said Curraner. Conroy might do a good job too, proven, tactically good, able to handle more creative attacking players well. Certainly hard to doubt Giller but he’s done little or no coaching since 2012 has he? Deegan I feel might not be a head coach type but I’d be interested to hear the views of those who know him. Also very hard to step up after years of being assistant.

Not a fan of Dessie but credit where it’s due. Who’s been his assistants?


Fair play. The youngest brother’s Westmeath lads lost out in the final by 3 pts.
He led last years minors to a County C’ship. First ever.
Without the Club and the dedication there is no County.


I don’t think you’ll have anyone here who doesn’t value the club -and for a lot of us its number 1 when it comes to pride, love and commitment - but some of us also like the county teams and aren’t bitter and personal towards them or various people sssociated with them


Ah the Kerry cliche to describe a Dublin footballer - the poor fuckers brains go into overload when they see someone else with the skill set that they only associate with the themselves.


Ended up watching match in Covent garden in London , the only dub among alot of cuchies , so sweet !!


O Solo mio?


Is Mick Gavin helping Dessie. Seen Dr Pat o Neill coming on also to treat a player. Plenty of experience in there.


It’s great to win but it’s not guaranteeing anything. Kerry fell into a trap of overconfidence in their u21 team this year and look what happened. Dublin minor team in 2011 were shocked by Tipp in the final, that team still went on to provide about 6 or 7 of the current first 20, if not more


Really enjoyed that game. Despite all the carry on last week or so they were well prep’d, well coached team with a game plan that they all understood. Galway on the other hand seemed clueless with the ball.

Very impressed with Murchan, Howard, Byrne & Gavin {another Brian Fenton by the looks of him).Con battled well but up against a really good full back. Very impressed also with Comerfords kicking. One particular kick in second half where on shout of Deego from a number of Dublin players they all cleared to the wings and Comerford hit kick out 60 yards down the middle into Basquel in acres of space. Very impressive stuff from Dublin. For all the giving out about Dessie he’s delivered a bucket load of titles. No coach is flawless. He deserves a lot of credit for what he has achieved and the players he has helped develop for the senior team.

Good Dublin crowd there yesterday. Was nice also to see Pat O’Neill on the line for Dublin. That brings back mixed memories for sure :slightly_smiling_face:


[quote=“25AliveOh, post:818, topic:1212”]
Dublin u21 team in 2011 were shocked by Tipp in the final,[/quote]

That was the minor team


Slip of the the thongue :blush:


Nay although have been there before. The Patriots, an absolutely smashing pint of Guinness in there :clap:


I think Aaron Byrne has a bit to go yet before he’s a senior player . His decision making requires a lot of work
I actually think O Reilly has the makings of a future wing forward . I thought Mc Mahon at 6 looked a real old school 6- a rarity these days