U21 Football Championship 2017


Dessie has done well in fairness / three underage all irelands- a few blips here and there but a lot of consistency - he started on the development squads and worked himself up

This won’t be popular to some here but for me Dessie would be the best candidate to take over from Gavin should Jim decide to take a break


Not in my view. But this win will probably seal your prediction.


He has been quoted over and over again that he doesn’t want senior job and had he stayed with the GPA, I would have considered it more likely but who knows?


There is no one else Bart - intelligent competent experienced managers who are ex dubs are not that plentiful - we were blessed with Gavin and gilroy - in five to ten years we will have some gems when some of the Current group retire and cut their cloth. But Dessie is next in line imo


Hope Alanoc is having an enjoyable day today like the rest of us :blush:


Had a great day. Hurling Feile was on. Vins A and B teams both into finals.

It’s what the GAA is all about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats to the lads, brilliant stuff, especially when all the talk was Donegal and Kerry.


Does this one count since we didn’t beat Kerry, the real champions in waiting?


4 seniors and 4 u21s this decade - wow. Though only 3 u21s if the decade begins in 2011 and not 2010 … :thinking:


There is plenty . Tommy Conroy being one and Pat Gilroy being another


He said again post macth he doesn’t want it. I, for one, hope he’s a man of his word.

Tommy Conroy and Mick Deegan would surely have the qualifications?


Davy Fitz for the hurlers, Dessie for the footballers …, dream ticket for the future …


Very enjoyable game. For all the talk of Howard being like Fenton it was Gavin who did that job. Personally thought Byrne was the pick of the bunch and MOTM but also could see why Gavin got it. Some of the moves from both sides today where breathtaking. The pace of the game was top class. I don’t think the wind had that big of an affect on the game as it was very much swirling. We could have been out of sight at half time with some better decision making, like what we started to do just after half time. Very disappointing to see the second Galway goal go in, right comedy of errors. Also like others couldn’t understand the substitutions at times, O’Reilly and Byrne for a start. Although Sallier made a difference when he came on.


Congratulations to all the players and management. It was a great game played a great pace. Hopefully u20 net year will be just as enjoyable!


Paul Clarke might be an option for future Senior manager? Good, well-deserved win tonight…


Oh Jesus, my head is hurting again :grinning::grinning:


Anyone visit the KOTF site yet ? I see someone on gaaboards trying to make similarities with the u21 and senior setup . No titles before 2010 , now a lorry load across the age groups since .


Delighted for this team, to a man they were excellent, perpetual allireland 21 champions.Commiserations to Galway they brought a good game and great travelling support, but today is Dublins and deservedly so .


I’ve a feeling Con could be one of our best ever!


Great win. Don’t think this team have gotten the credit they deserve really. Weren’t behind all year, never looked like losing. Conceded no more than 9 scores in a game.

Today was more about the less heralded players. Darren Byrne the corner back was superb, and Gavin in midfield was excellent, showed the form he showed in championship last year.

Of the more well known players, murchan and Howard were excellent. Murchans pace is incredible. Howard is just an exceptional footballer.

The subs surprised me. O Reilly was better than any option on the bench. Basquel needs to learn to use the ball quicker if he wants any chance of making it senior.

The biggest strength to this team though is that they functioned so well as a unit. So many expected this team to be a one man team with Con. They’ve proved otherwise. Congrats to all. Was confident back in February they could win the all Ireland. It’s a better team than they’ve been given credit for. We’ll see enough of these lads in the senior set up in the coming years