U21 Football Championship 2017


Some mad yokes in here! Do you really think Con will play this?

Feckin Cuckoo!


Il be backing him first goal scorer anyway


We’ve no idea what the case is at this juncture.
If he plays then go on a rant . :blush:


No P Small or A Elliott? Are they injured? Monaghan & Spillane both started last year and eligible again so odd that they’re not starting too


I’d be fairly certain that the named 15 won’t start. Con was always going to be named to start I doubt he will.

There will be other changes also.


Evan Comerford - Mun
Eoin Murchan - Na Fia
Cillian O’Shea
Darren Byrne
Shane Clayton -Boden
Sean McMahon - Raheny
Brian Howard - Raheny
Andy Foley - Clontarf
Donal McIlgorm
Glenn O’Reilly - Na Fia
Con O’Callaghan - Cuala
Colm Basquel - Boden
Chris Sallier - TD
Aaron Byrne - Na Fia
Tom Fox - Crokes

Anyone tell me what clubs the other boys are from. Or correct me where I am wrong.


Cillian O’Shea-Crokes
Darren Byrne- Raheny
Donal McIlgorm-Skerrie


Heard Small pulled his hammer.


Why would he always be named to start?

Aside from everything else I do not understand naming lads who won’t start.

This management has very poor form in this regard.


Stop Dessie bashing Alan. Jim Gavin has worse form in this regard.


He’s our best known player at this age. It gives our opposition something to think about. If he was to play it would probably be at 14 anyway


So that means I shouldn’t give out about it? Because someone else behaves in the same way?

Gavin is no saint either. You are correct about that.


This team won’t start, some surprises in there as well - big name players not starting that are named and its not Con.


We all know that beating Westmeath in a Leinster football U21 championship quarter final far outweighs an All Ireland club hurling final


Do the players know? In the past they didn’t.


Con starts, he’s there best player, it’s his last year playing 21 I’m sure he wants to play, he’s a young fella he’s well able to mix the club hurling and football, it’s no big fckn deal


No big deal if he gets injured?

If he starts it will be the single worst example of how the inter county monster is devouring the clubs that I have seen.

No Dublin player has been asked to play for county or college if involved in club All Ireland semis or finals for as long as I can remember. He shouldn’t have been asked to play in this game. His importance to Cuala is immense.

Would he be playing a league game for Cuala in July a week or two before a Leinster Senior football final he was due to start in?

He would in his arse.


Think you’re over reacting a little. It’s 2 and a half weeks to club hurling final. He could get injured in training with Cuala as easy as getting injured playing football match.

The club hurling final is the more important game but if he is fit to play and more importantly wants to play I don’t see any issue with it.


Actually agree fully with Alan on this!