U21 Football Championship 2017


Great win. But I’ve said it before, Dessie’s teams always seem to have this ability to switch off completely without warning.

8th year in a row winning an All Ireland at one of the age levels. We haven’t gone away you know.


Good stuff, some good prospects there.


Tough for Galway after knocking out Kerry but thems are the breaks :blush:


Well pleased.


Pause to think of … a fcuk it , are you watching ???


Because he runs the bench too much . He disrupted the team taking off players who were performing well


Possibly. There was a lot of gesticulating about positional changes when we were motoring.


Well done to all involved


So how many of you had Darren Gavin for MOTM? :smile:


I’ve given Dessie flak here a few times, but he deserves credit for the AllIreland victory. He had this team tackling like dogs over the last two games. I thought the work rate was Unbelievable.
Howard , Murchan, Gavin were immense.


Galway Bay FM shyting on about our athleticism…resources…blahdy blah blah…qu’elle surprise !


Now there’s a county with fair number of very large multinationals and indigenous businesses - clearly the county board have made an impression with them…not that they’d admit that


Always pleased to see Dublin win at any grade, but can we now forever put to rest the idea of cancelling club games to allow for preparation for any underage county games coming up. Id actually transfer this idea to full senior intercounty arrangements too, but guess i m on my own thinking like that


They didn’t turn up so can’t complain . Galway just don’t do structured football


Great win - much the better team -

Recents All irelands in '12 '14 and ’ 17 - as uRoy says we’re going nowhere


As I suspected, Galway couldn’t produce another semi display. We were dominant for most of the game and fully deserved the victory…a few gems in the team who I can’t wait to see in the senior team…

Enjoy the party…


Yeah, the population thing came up too. Obviously.

Leitrim has a population of of 31,000. Sligo’s is 68,000. Galways is over 250,000. I don’t remember anyone in Galway falling all over themselves to bring that up last year, when they won the Connaught champo.


Huge congratulations to all involved. A few players from this team will keep us moving nicely. I think the win was particularly impressive considering we were probably 3rd favourites overall.


Congratulations Dessie and the team. Great stuff altogether


Congratulations to management and squad of players, some great scores taken today, well done all round