U21 Football Championship 2017


Ref letting it flow, its making a great match!


Great game! Battle between Con & Full Back fascinating


We’re obsessed with going for goals when handy points are on, should be well in command here.

I’d get Con to take that Full Back for a walk.


Player-fit jersies. I hate them :joy:


Galway fans are a different breed…


our backs doing a brilliant job and making Galway shoot from distance. Their number 3 is a super player


C’mon lads.


If Byrne and Basquel were more attuned to taking points when they are on we’d be well up here.

Midfield going very well. O Reilly doing well at wing forward too.

You’d have to think with the elements this is in our hands


Considering it’s against the wind I would be happy enough with a point lead but really we should be further ahead.


A few really poor kickouts by the Galway keeper. Hitting it straight to an unmarked Dub.


Well worked goal, well on top now


Different gravy !


Very enjoyable stuff so far, the work rate once again has again been extremely admirable.


well worked out of defence and a great point - O’Brien


Just gotta keep our heads and keep playing.


Cracking point by Howard.




Keep their heads now…


Nice goal…


Yeah but somebody needed to take a black card for the cause there, we had enough bodies on the scene.