U21 Football Championship 2017


Best of luck to the lads - up the dubs


Is throw at 5pm ? Have to take dog for a walk :sweat:


What are the chances of finding somewhere in Sofia that might be showing the game? :sunglasses:


Galway playing with a strong wind in the first half…


firstonetv is a very good site. Watched Punchestown all week in HD on RTE from the comfort
of my Atlanta balcony! TG4 has an cliuche. Up the Dubs!


Best of luck lads. I’m hoping Galway played their final against Kerry.


Bollix!! TG4 has blocked it for us exiles. Poxy basketball!!


Is it on the wireless?



RTE, Newstalk etc are providing live updates, but they aren’t covering the entire game live.




Branagan ignoring frees all over the place so far :unamused:


3 Galway wides and missed free, fast paced game so far


We should have had a goal there…very slow to round the keeper.


Hopefully Foley is fit as Elliott is out


In fairness, there was a lot of keeper to go around. :neutral_face:


Hectic start to the game. Need to keep composed. Galway won’t be able to keep this intensity for the full duration.


looks like Foley might be injured
edit he’s gone off!


We should be way further in front, hope doesn’t come back to haunt us!


I have no knowledge of this bar the obvious lads!

Tom Fox a fine player


We’re creating plenty of chances in their red zone anyway