U21 Football Championship 2017


I mean clash as in lads didn’t play last week because of tomorrow :wink:



Cualas adult hurling teams tog out in the bushes in Shankill.


That’s strange - People seem to have a lot of confidence in a Dublin win. I think it is 50/50 myself.


Whoever did the pie chart was obviously expecting a Donegal-Kerry final. :smirk:


Quiet enough buildup nationally - I know If Kerry had qualified for the final l know newstalk sportsjoe indo times and examiner would have run with headlines on ’ the greatest young players ever from kingdom ready to Conquer’’

that would have eclipsed anything rugby could offer -The three o se brothers would have been on triple time !! I have a smile on my face noting that they didn’t even make the final


It probably is 50/50, so I’m not surprised the betting is that way because we are better value for money I would feel.

Tomorrow will be interesting because Galway will be the first team this year who will try play football against us. Every other team sat off us. Think it should suit our forwards, especially Con and Byrne.

If they perform tomorrow we’ll win no doubt. We’ve been so solid all year. Its a different team to 2012 and 2014 as many were involved with senior squads. But this is a team that functions well as a unit. Would be confident


Very much agree with all you said there, trying hard not to be too confident purely because how confidendently Galway played against Kerry, how much of that is down to the early goal I don’t really want to guess. Think Dublin are very solid all over the field, great work rate and vision and contrary to what was said previously they have a good bench .Finals being finals performance on the day and all the rest I can’t see Dublin being beat.


If we play smart we can definitely win. But I think we will lose if we get into a shoot-out.


You’re probably right, but you have to remember we’ve conceded no more than 0-9 in our 4 games. So if we are as defensively solid as we have been it won’t be a shootout. A shootout effectively means our defence isn’t functioning, which would mean we would probably be on the wrong side of the result. Still expect to win


Thank feck they didn’t, at least now the past two weeks has just been a discussion about the game. :wink:
I do think the club v county discussion is very fundamental, and there have been lots of great arguments here, well done to everyone for getting it out there and really wanting what’s best. Hopefully some good things will come out of it.

Best of luck to the lads tomorrow, could be a cracking game, another great day for Dublin football, whatever happens, these can never be taken for granted.


They’ll find it hard to break us down . Midfield is my concern


If Foley isn’t fit it might be an issue, but in Howard we have a serious footballer. But Foley would be well suited to their midfielders especially for their kickouts. If we can breakeven on their kickouts we’ll be right on the way to winning.

Foley is a great man for breaking the kickout so middle 8 will need ready for the breaks. Could well be an old fashioned game tomorrow


Best of luck to the lads today


Hope the they have a great game and best wishes to them all-well done on getting to the final , now finish the job !


Best of luck to the lads today. Let’s win this last u 21. Coy bib.


Best of luck in Tullamore lads!


Hope everyone makes big effort to be in tullamore today, cheer the lads on, let them know how proud we are of them and bring the cup home.


The last of Seo Spoirt is repeated on TG4 at 12, saw it yesterday evening and there’s a decent bit of coverage of the U21 final (and a look back at past games over the years ).

Watch out for the part where they interview a member of the audience ( in regards to the U21 final ) , they guy they talk to is from Galway , he takes the entire slot over ( agus , agus , agus ) and the interviewer sheepishly hands back to Dara , think she could have throttled him . The crowd standing around him were acting like extras who you see when a politician is interviewed - strange .


Thanks for the info, will be watching it.