U21 Football Championship 2017


Galway were serious at midfield. Real traditional style fielding. Winning your own kick out is hard as the opposition just have to break it forward, but Galway were managing it fairly easily.

Foley will be really important for us in the final. Hopefully whatever issue he went off with will be ok by then. One of his real strengths is coming onto a ball and breaking it forward with force. Longford put a big guy midfield who was handy, but Foley managed him easily enough.


Galway needed extra time to beat Sligo. I suspect their form is somewhere between that and the Kerry showing.


Why are we a problem? Because we win all the time?


Don’t think anyone in Galway would associate the words serious manager with Gerry Fahy until Saturday


Val Daly and Tomas Mannion adds weight to any ticket


Val has a very mixed bag intercounty management wise with both Galway and ross.

Both fine fine footballers in their own right


As a forwards coach he’s very good . When he goes beyond that he struggles


I don’t know, ask them. Or maybe you missed the thousands of comments and articles about Dublin ruining everything with all our resources and advantages and “professionalism”


Oh that. No that’s just jealousy.


Yeah, I watched that Sligo game on the internet on TG4 website ( the broadcast was generally very good, but at half time, the commentators went away and the camera was left just trained on the crowd, and you could hear a lot of the stuff being said around - it felt very voyeuristic!!). I actually thought Galway were rubbish that day, and the standard wasn’t great. So I was amazed when they beat Kerry - so I guess they are handy enough.

I have always really liked Galway football though, especially after watching 'A year ‘till Sunday’ documentary. It’s on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xonkqJt19dM - (where they bring Sam into the grandfather in bed is just great stuff).

But any county that can produce Michael Donnellan, Michael Meehan, Joyce, Armstrong etc. is ok with me.


That was the most exciting team to watch since Dublin in 77. Kerry 70s-80s was the best team but always so in control left me cold. Down were quite exciting in 91 but other than that no team from 77 til 98 really thrilled me in winning Sam.


Oh don’t leave out Ja Fallon , unreal player !


Any team that rubs the flourbags’ noses in it on All-Ireland Final day will do for me.

All was not lost, however - I’m sure Micko still got his cheque.


Imagine…KILDARE…in an All Ireland Final . End of days folks , end of days…


Great player ja fallon. Was working in the states in 98 with a load of Connemara lads, great craic.


So final is in Tullamore - that is ok I think. A lovely pitch, should suit our forwards.


It’s a great place in fairness, massive dressing rooms and easy to get to.

Also the place where we won our last 21 title.


Be great to win it down there, a fitting end.


Should be no problem getting tickets so:laughing:


Quiet enough here considering we have an All Ireland final at the weekend. Someone mentioned on another thread that not much importance is placed on U21, and that maybe true in Dublin, but when Tyrone and Mayo won it recently it was a big thing for them. Likewise for Tipp for making a final.

There appears to be a huge correlation between multiple successes at U21 and continued success at senior. The successful Kerry and Tyrone teams of the recent past were preceded by multiple u21 wins 5 or 6 previously. Likewise Dublin’s current success was preceded by Under 21 wins. Single under 21 wins don’t seem to mean a lot, but a few bunched together are a definite indicator.

Now there is an argument over whether it is just an indicator of what would happen anyway, or if the U21 win in itself helps the senior win. I think it is a bit of both. If a team didn’t enter the u21 or lose in the first round, they would still have the good players coming through anyway, but by winning U21 they get a whole season of inter county training and they build a profile for themselves with less chance of good players getting lost among the numbers.

Apart from all that, it is an inter county All Ireland.