U21 Football Championship 2017




Can’t see any of them Kerry 21’s playing yesterday been part of the senior match day squad for championship , they were absolutely blown away physically by that Galway team


Can’t recall exact thread but it’s been done.

Even this, a player who will do well to start a championship game is clear favourite. 2nd favourite is unlikely to start, none of the others are key players for their teams apart from McCormack.


So you’ve got nothing… Thanks for that. Really informative


Forgot to add , cork must be really , really shite


There’s a world of difference between physical condition at underage and a senior player 5/6 years into that level of program. There are gifted players like jack Mc and kilkenny who were physically ready but they are the exception. I would imagine that the majority of the top 4/5 teams in the country would not have many u21s in their starting 15. I stand to be corrected on that if you have names for the likes of kerry and mayo


Kerry have a few players graduated through now . So do we. It’s a lot easier on other county teams to break through because the older players aren’t all that good
It’s much harder in the top 3 to break through due to the quality already there and that in my view has more to with it then physical conditioning


But they won’t be U21s then - they will be older. It’s not that difficult a concept.


Who have we got that has broken through?

On kerry I don’t know the age profile of their players enough but are there any u21s starting or on what you would consider their best 15?


They haven’t been available to it now so we can find out now


But donegals were?


Donegal have less players in fairness . They’ve had multiple retirements and have a shallow pool . They don’t have the luxury of resting players


But kerry didn’t have any retirements? Or players involved with club? Or donaghy with basketball?


Kerry decided not to play any u21s in league once 21 championship started. Think that was pretty common knowledge. O Beaglaoigh started all championship games last year up to Dublin game. They’ll have a couple in the squad


I stand corrected on kerry. It’ll be interesting to judge them when the championship comes around


Just happy that the smugness is gone from JOC.
Tactically and physically Galway won the battle.
This will be a very tough game for Dublin, but delighted that we are in a final. Great opportunity for lads to put themselves in the frame for senior panel. Brian Howard, Aaron Byrne, Con o Callaghan seem to be main contenders Sorry to see Andy Foley get injured. Hope we are talking about a few more after the final.


And great for the young lads to just have a game of football against Galway, and not have to endure all the bollixology that goes on around games Vs Kerry, all the media nonsense, mind-games etc etc. Laughable that they have spent years and years talking non-stop about Ulster teams & Dublin being the problem for football. They have become exactly what they have claimed have tried to fight against. Cheerio, the rest of us can look forward to hopefully a cracking u-21 football final.


In Examiner sport section today, not online yet, but match reviewed by their journalist, Eoghan Cormican. Two other sidebar columns, one on JOC post match, and the other is the ’ 60 second report’ .

Here’s the first few para’s from the JOC column

He accepted the result, he accepted the better team had won, but neither was going to stop JOC from having his say on the performance of referee Brendan Cawley.

The Kerry mananger wasn’t pleased with Cawleys handling of the game, not one bit.

’ I just thought on the day that we didn’t get a whole pile of breaks from that man, said O’Connor. 'Galway seemed to get frees that bit easier than we got frees…

‘Look, we are only splitting hairs there. I think Galway were better, but certainly, on the day, we didnt’t seem to get a lot of breaks’

From the 60 second report

Sideline Superior
The decision by Kerry management to play Brian O’Seanachain , named at midfield, at centre back and move Andrew Barry out to the middle, backfired badly. Galway, to great success, went through the central channel of the Kerry defence time and time again during the opening half.

He then goes on to blame the match against Cork, who put up such a poor show, it gave them false confidence, whilst Galway were tested by Sligo, but his lads might have got ’ a bit carried away’…

As Dub09 wrote
No no … that wouldn’t be nice at all …:beers::champagne::beer::cocktail:. Wooo hooo


Jack O’Connor is like the poker player who won heavily, bailed out when he was ahead but then got greedy, looking for more success and is risking losing all of his standing with his obsession of atoning for 2011.


Fitzmaurice in a strong position to continue now for a while yet . Kerry just weren’t ready for that . Complacency definitely an issue .
Galway have a serious management team and seek to be on the way back