U21 Football Championship 2017


Some display from Galway. Anyone else feel that today was their final? Serious pressure on them now.


Kieran Molloy.plays with Corofin


I’d fancy us against that Galway team. This could be huge for long term development because I can’t see us winning at u21 level for a while again . But if we can get 4/5 players from this crop it will tide is over till we get our minor teams back on track

I think Brian Howard could be a serious player in a year or two . Touch of the Fenton late developer about him. But never wastes a ball and has exceptional vision


What way will Dublin and senior/inter championships work now.



I predict we will never win an u21 again after this year!


This is the last year of the competition so if say you’re right


They won’t :wink:

At best games without county players might go ahead.


A bit of a damp squib at 21 level for all the prodigy Kerry elite comming through minors

The minor teams of last three years ago would have fancied themselves for an all Ireland or two at 21 with jack o Connor with them ! Not so…


Great win for dubs - hopefully Howard follows his club mate Fentons footsteps in making breakthrough as a senior midfielder


Massive kick in the bollox for Jack too . Every Dublin fan will raise a glass to that with the complete lack of respect he has shown us


Inter should go ahead so?


Disappointed for Donegal, they’ve been fantastic up here.

I really think the 5 day turnaround did them no favours, though that’s not Dublins fault.

They were giving off in the Irish News about the lack of planning

So much for a Donegal Kerry final. Shows how unpredictable this age level can be.


Good Galway team played open football, think if we set ourselves out same as we did today we will have a great chance to win.


I can’t see why not bar an intermediate club player being on the county team.


Howard’s not a late developer compared to Fento as he’s been in every Dublin side coming up and captained the minor side.
I do think he will be a regular with the seniors soon enough and could be an ideal replacement for Flynn


Well late developer probably the wrong term more maybe when I’d see him starting for the seniors . He’d be relatively unknown outside the county but he’s a real find I think . Comfortable in the half forwards and half backs


Big time.
Raising one now !


I tipped BH a long time back. He’s the real deal … and a great lad too!


No no … that wouldn’t be nice at all …:beers::champagne::beer::cocktail:. Wooo hooo