U21 Football Championship 2017


Guess …


Game on, good goal.


Great start for Galway a goal in first minute


Did the teams swap jerseys before throw in. Unreal from Galway


Kerry must be some team they are still 8/13 favourites on PP and they are 9 points down.


14 mins gone 0-1 Kerry Galway 1-07, long way to go yet, Galway need to keep taking points/chances. Would love to see them win out here.


Go Galway!


Galway should be about 15 points up, might regret all these misses.


Was that not a penalty ?


If it was any other team, I’d expect Galway to win. Still wouldn’t write off Kerry


Think it was just outside but how was it not a black card?


Good win from our lads impressed the way we set up defencively. We worked hard at crowdind Donegal out and restricted them to hurrying shots. We got some nice scores and a well taken goal. We may not be a great team but we work hard and play for one another. Big pity Con got that black would have liked him to have gotten a full game under his belt.


Must have felt the weight of Jack’s stare


Looked to be outside, but as cynical a tackle as you’ll see, no attempt on the ball just take the man out of it as he’s heading towards goal.
Is there a game goes by now without a debate on the black card or the lack there of?


Great win for us earlier on especially losing Con so early and then Foley too.

Delighted also for our three lads who had great games and especially Howard who picked up the MOTM with an excellent performance.


Major faux pas by TG 4. Late coming back for the start of the second half and misses a Kerry goal!


This ref is a clown, full forword hand passed the ball up to slap it in for the goal.



Byrne is class. Thought all Na Fianna boys showed well today


Don’t agree. He lost control and slapped it in. Nothing wrong with it. Watch it again.


Looked like he missed his hand pass attempt but no one else touched the ball after this and the same player slapped it to the net. I’d be sick if a goal like that was given against us.