U21 Football Championship 2017


3-19 to 2-14 HT et - Sligo’s wait goes on …


Take it Sligo only scored 1 point in whole of extra time !


Indeed - and conceded 2-4!


Sorry but what do you base your opinion on. Munster football stronger than the rest recent minor wins or just your own judgement? Have you seen each team left in the competition in the flesh, analysing skills, commitment, grit, game intelligence and all the rest that makes a great team or is it all pure conjecture?


Ouch, some Galway team talk before extra time or reverse maybe Sligo said the totally wrong thing .
Just looked at TV guide showed live gaa coverage at 6:45 on tg4 please don’t tell me it was this game and I missed it .


Dublin made the last 4 at minor and lost to Donegal . I haven’t seen anything from Dublin that suggests they’ve improved from minor level
Kerry have won 3 all Ireland minor in a row and two all Ireland colleges football titles in a row . We haven’t done anything
That’s what I base my opinion on and it’s what most people here have . It’s s good team it certainly isn’t a great team . But sometimes good teams can win competitions by being smarter then better teams and maybe this crew can do the same


At least you think it’s a good team now Bart - earlier in the thread you stated we were average…

You massive chancer! - you haven’t seen this team live have you ?


Kerry are obsessed with Dublin . . . If we get to the final and they do I think their heads will be scrambled . . . I think we can win this competition. I don’t like/agree with the way Farrell operates however


Somehow I don’t think they will fear THIS Dublin team . Not sure many if any of them have lost to a Dublin team at this grade , they’ll be none of that baggage that the seniors carry . But sure we have to win the semi first so let’s not get ahead of ourselves . If they do they could do an '11 on them .


He always changes his opinions as competitions go on, spoofer


They haven’t been at home or on TV yet :grinning:


Donegal 3-17 Cavan 0-13


I thought Donegal were favourites…only because they’ve Minors that reached the AI final a few years ago.

And they hammered a good U21 Tyrone side in the replay.

Cavan haven’t won at minor up here apart from St Pat’s cavan winning the McCrory cup.

But U21 can be unpredictable.


plenty of senior league experience in that Donegal team


Going to take a trip up to Armagh on Monday night for the Ulster final, should be a straightforward Donegal win based on form to date.


4 colleges in a row. Chorca Dhuibhne won the previous 2 , fairly sure Fitzmaurice was over them.


So it’s Donegal on Saturday, handy win tonight for them over Derry.


Just on the way back down now, Donegal very impressive but Derry did run at/through them at times but given the lack of a test in Leinster, it will be tough on Saturday.


If the games were postponed for another week, Dublin would have had to wait 24 days from their Leinster final which would have been equally as unfair.


Huge advantage though to be well rested. We should have a good chance I think if we have the best 15 out