U21 Club Hurling 2018


I would be surprised if at least five of the guys on show don’t end up as Dublin regulars, Curry x 2 both Burkes and Perry.

Conor Burke was immense. Amazing fielding under the high ball and involved in loads of play. He was good with Dublin U21s, but has moved on a level since it seems. Decent free taker too.

I think he could be a forward more then a defender, he might lack a bit of pace to cover forwards, but I could see him slotting into the Keaney role with Dublin at CHF.

Donal Burke is very classy. And maybe faster then I thought he was. I have a feeling that a guy that good should be involved in the game more, but in a way that is criticizing him for being good.

I can only see him as a corner forward though for a few years. He wouldn’t win enough ball to be out on the 40.

But the two Curry’s were the difference today. They were what Vincents didn’t have, nippy forwards who can score the semi difficult ones.


Good game to be fair, score was a little harsh on Vincent’s given it was level at half time in extra time. 2 soft goals killed Vincent’s. Na Fianna were the bigger stronger team and very efficient with their scores.
Conor Burke is not a defender, played CB last year with Dublin 21s but is an outstanding half forward who wins his own ball, work rate is also immense. Scored probably 1-10 today but missed probably 6 or 7 at least that he Would generally score. Vincent’s didn’t deal with Buggy which is a lot easier said than done.
Congrats to Na Fianna.


Who is Buggy?


Full forward, No.14. Got 2-2 at least


The game today was very good. tough, great scores, high fielding, both teams wanted the win. Mistakes where made but players didn’t let it effect them.

As said the Na Fianna full forward was the difference although Vinnies should have won in normal time. The dominance in the 2nd half was unreal, poor shooting and decision making let them down.

Hats off to Na Fianna when the game was there to be won they turned it on.

U21 was always great to play. The county board have made a joke of it. These 2 teams played a game that was better than 85% of the Senior championship games I saw this year.
It’s a great transition from Minor to Adult hurling. To go from Minor to marking MJ Ryan on a wet Sunday can be daunting to say the least.

I think the County Board should revisit this and make it a proper league and championship again. It was brilliant to play with older lads you looked up to, but not to old ( I.E talking about The Mod scene & not George Formby ) while still playing with your mates.

Congratulations to both teams for putting on a great display even when the lights went out.


He was good, what’s his name?


I suspect the issue with making it a bigger competition would be player availability. It is a great championship for young lads who haven’t made their senior squads yet, but for the guys who are playing senior, they can’t play both simultaneously so it would have to be and end of year thing.

But on the game itself, I knew NaFianna were good, and I thought they would win for the reason they did win, craftier forwards. But I didn’t know Conor Burke was that good. I think, in hindsight, the Dublin U21 management made a bad mistake by playing him in defence. He seems to be a decent defender, but a serious, serious forward. For me, he was actually our best minor in 2016, and that was a very good team.


Thing is on paper we seemed to have very good forwards ay u21 grade this year, although they didn’t seem to click when things got tougher for some reason. Boden’s Mellet didn’t even make the starting 15 which in hindsight would seem to be a mistake.

Who was the NaFianna Full Forward?


Paraic Buggy


Oliver Plunketts


Has he ever played county?


Tough one Marv, Mearnóg had won two games before playing ye even though ye got 2 W/Os so ye are obviously a decent side. How many years have you had an U21 team on the go now?


I never heard of the chap myself, but he was very good on Saturday…


It’s the kind of name that’d stand out, one to keep an eye out for. Does he start for NaFianna seniors?


he was on the minor panel anyway


We beat lucan in first round. They replaced St Catherines. We then received a walkover from Kevins. It’s 2 or 3 years on the go now. We had a team a few years ago.


A lot of larger clubs can’t string an U21 team together so you are really doing great work promoting Hurling in North County Dublin. Pity about the ref.




I went to school with this Da! :open_mouth:


Plunketts won the B final 2-14 to 1-16 after extra time. Plunketts got goal and 2 points in last 3 minutes of extra time to win. Good game.