U21 Club Hurling 2018


Remember going to see Dublin play down there at some point a few years ago, was that just the blue stars game or a challenge, cant remember.


We played the 21 B final two years against Clontarf in Alfie Byrne rd at 730 on a Friday evening !! The Friday before Christmas aswel. I’d disagree on it being a bad pitch, it’s a decent Astro surface and was just resurfaced this year alSo.


It’s been happening for years, played C final there a few years back. Again it goes back to something I’ve said before 21 Champo needs complete overhaul…


Use it a lot for juvenile training, it has improved over last two years. At one stage I’d have played on the car park as it was a better surface…


You would never have talked like that when you where with Setanta that new club has changed you


It was a shite astro when we trained/played on it with Setanta. It was got better as I said over last couple of years, that’s not just because I moved clubs :joy: Maybe I had to move for them to sort it out :joy::joy::joy:


Some people just love to complain! You played all of last summer on rough, grass less rock hard pitches without a word of complaint. You now prefer to play on wet mucky bogs at this time of year rather than on one of the best surfaces available in Dublin. Get over the fact that it’s artificial. It’s better than any grass pitch is at this time of year.


It’s certainly spongier than the last few years​:sob::sob:


Should make for an absorbing game


didn’t think it was that bad either to be honest other than the breeze in from the bay!


I’d prefer to be playing on that than a complete slog on a bad day in O’Toole Park anyways.


Yes. But.
Some tan :sunglasses:


Best of luck to raging underdogs Na Fianna v St Vins in tomorrows U21A final in O’Toole Park (OTP!!?? moan, moan)

Also to U21C team in semis v Craobh at home - pity the two games are on at the same time (moan, moan)


Jaysus yer very moany these days dubby :yum:


A pity dub Tv arent showing them , ,moan moan


Why didn’t they play them on the all weather (moan, moan)


I think @Ohm is streaming the C semi final. He will be in Mobhi Road on Saturday as part of a group of tourists doing the Experience Gaelic Games tour.


You are someone to talk :grinning:
’Tayto’ hoping to take a bite out of Crokes


Who are the players to look out for for Na Fianna?


On the Vins or the Craobh team?