U21 Club Hurling 2018


Balinteer 1-21 td 2-11

Balinteer are strong, some very good players.


Fair play to Balinteer. Liam Dunne seems to have done good work there all year.


Strong minor teams every year I don’t think it’s much to do with Liam dunne at that level… Senior is a different story. Saying that it’s no wonder they never enter A championships at minor and 21 level. Disappointing not to see Kevin’s field, their trying their best down there to be fair just lack of numbers and probably would of had to play u16s to field today…


I find it odd why teams capable of competing at A level don’t. It’s not always about winning


Great win for Vincents we haven’t won a 21 championship in a long long time hopefully we can put that right this year !!


Vincents far too strong for our lads yesterday. The 2 missing seniors and the few minors who would started wouldn’t have made much difference.
Burke was outstanding , as was the number 8 for Vinnies.
Well done Vinnies. Good luck in the final.


Burke will be with Dublin in 2019 i’m Sure. Anyone else standing out in these games lads?


Burke didn’t stand out yesterday for Na Fianna. Got a very good first point after around 2 minutes otherwise apart from getting a lovely point at the end of extra time to kill the game he didn’t do much.

Currie to his credit didn’t do much from open play but was fantastic at frees. He was putting them over from all angles as far out as midfield. Was difficult for him from play though because Brigid’s had an extra man back for most of the second half . Only when Na Fianna went a few down did they change it up.


Who stood out?


Wouldn’t know many of the Na Fianna lads names to be honest . Currie was exceptional from frees and alot of scores came from him . Na Fianna had lads at 8/10/14 that were good aswel .

For Brigid’s they were very poor for first 20 minutes apart from O’Sullivan who got two nice points. They were the better team in second half . Jack O Neil was very good similar with Ryan . O Sullivan got on plenty of ball in second half but didn’t do a huge amount, he was brought out to midfield because McGuirk was carrying a knock and barely able to run. Dunne fairly good at times aswel especially in second half. His only problem I think is he takes far too much out of the ball. Had plenty of scored available and ran into trouble.

Na Fianna got a fantastic goal by a sub in extra time. One of the best team goals I’ve seen in a long time .


Thanks @Ford95, Colin Currie or Sean?


Colin Currie wearing red helmet so presume it was him


A final on Sat in O’Toole Park at 2.30.

B and C finals on in Alfie Byrne Rd on Dec 1st at 2.30 and 4.


Alfie Byrne Road?
All-Weather pitch?


Yes and correct.


Thats shocking and shows the respect the county board give the competition


I’ve never played on the Alfie Byrne road pitch. However, I played hurling on Ballymun’s all-weather pitch and would prefer to hurl on it than a lot pf grass pitches in winter time.


I fully understand that they want the fixtures to go ahead, one way or other, and that they have control over that pitch, but if they wanted to use a better all weather for hurling they should have looked at DCU.


Agree totally, Alfie Byrne pitch is probably the worse pitch in Dublin its like playing on concrete.


Didn’t realise it was that bad.