U21 Club Hurling 2018


I mentioned that last Tuesday I reckon. What’s the point you are trying to make


Misseed Sneakers post. Competition is dead in the water under the current format. I agree that it is hard to find a window for it but at least allow clubs the chance to play it by agreement 7 days either side of the set fixture. Plenty of floodlights out there to facilitate this.


Wild geese beat lucan yesterday in the c championship


Minor Club Hurling 2018

No Thomas Davis or Jude’s in the B🤦🏻‍♂️ Td are due to play Balinteer and Jude’s are due to play Faughs.


Have Craobh joined up with Round Towers at U21?


I presume it’s a preliminary game before the QF?


There were a round of fixtures at the weekend that were play or concede. They must have been allowed to rearrange it


I think there was a death in Craobh


Craobh won by 6/7 points so the evening herald had yesterday.


U21A semi final result:
Boden 1-7 Vincents 0-26


NA Fianna 1-15 _ 1-15 Brigid’s . Na Fianna with a goal with the last puck of the ball. Where the ref got 5 minutes additional time I’ll never know

E/t just starting


Vins 0-26 Boden 1-07. Pretty one sided.

Surprised the other one went to extra time. Thought NaF would win easy enough.


Shows the win over Crokes was no flash in the pan.


Jesus that’s some score line, Boden missing their seniors I guess but other than muellet do they have many u21 on their senior panel?


Otooles 2-8 Craobh chiarians 6-21


Na Fianna 3-22 _ 3-18 Brigid’s


Impressive scoring by Craobh.


Aidan Mellett Luke corcan conor o Donoghue are all on the Ballyboden senior team


Kevins couldn’t field a team against the geese in
the c champo.