U21 Club Hurling 2018


Great performance for Brigids


Yeah Brigid’s looked strong . Don’t know how many Crokes were missing with senior final on tomorrow though


Good point Hayes anyway, not sure if others. Who did scoring for brigids?


McGuirk got a good few frees and got another few from play, Dunne with a good few including a line ball from around 60m out (big wind assisting him) O Sullivan probably got around 3 +

Score had been 1-15 to 0-02 at h/t massive wind in silver park


Was that Ronan? Surely none of their Seniors played?


i was saying @Ford95 made a good point about crokes missing hayes (and whoever else), not hayes getting a good point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Watched O’Sullivan play last week for Trinity v DCU, scored cracker of a point from center half back. He’s playing some super stuff for Trinity, big win other night for them against UCD.




Good to hear it, we need some of the recent forwards to come through to kick on now at older age groups. he was hampered for Dublin this year with injury i think.


Christ don’t tell me there’s hurley people in Trinity now? They’re taking this snobbiness thing far too seriously …


A club a lot closer to home for you did too!! :wink:


At first, I read that as "He made a Mass of the fixtures’


I don’t get it


Snobbery is you “confusing” Ballymun and Glasnevin. Hurling in Trinity is part of the Peace Process.


I believe crokes weren’t allowed play any of their lads who are on the sen a panel. So top 30. If so that’s terrible. Don’t know if thats true or not. Maybe a crokes person can clarify.


Almost sounds like a case of who blinked first


Heard similar. B players moved up to A team. B’s conceeded.
A’s got thumped


That makes sense


Did Isles not concede too?