U21 Club Hurling 2018


What difference would fighting that battle last spring have made? CCC seem to make it up as it goes along. They should allow some flexibility to all clubs and not devalue the competition. No point in saying all games were played on schedule if teams are forced to put out very weak sides.


I see Cuala have conceded this weekend.


That’s a strange one? What would their reason be? Barog conceded in the B also


I see Cuala, Barrog, Isles and Catherine’s have conceded - any more to note? Boden will struggle with 2 teams entered and 5/6 lads on senior panel for Sunday. I’d imagine crokes in same boat, possibly only 3/4 eligible for them though.
Players love this competition, great craic had and brings lads back who may not have played since minor (all mentioned above). Pity it’s put on the long finger by the county board


Id say you are the biggest yes man ever in dcb, Its the enjoyment of playing with friends and players they grew up playing with, you ask any player and they will say 21 was there most enjoyable time playing football/hurling, iv seen lads walk away from GAA before or after minor, 2/3 years later they come back and play 21s, they end up playing adult for the club after it, 21s got them back playing, had it not been there they would not of been seen again, county board cant come up with any solution what so ever, Dublin county board are useless, easy option yeah lets scrap it :drooling_face: . yous coulnt even come up with the proper format to run senior championship group games. one fck up after another. oh ye they havta play or concede, that will turn teams off entering and we can do away with it, idiots


Good man, resorting to personal abuse is a sure sign you are losing the argument.
Deal with the issue - when can U21 be played without clubs and players complaining that U21 is interfering with Minor or Adult league or championship fixtures or that it interferes with exams or that players are away on J1s or working abroad when on college holidays?

One of the reasons why games cannot be moved is because of FairPlay. Not all clubs have the use of floodlights. Why should those that do have the option of picking and choosing when they play while those that don’t have to play when fixed.


Simple solution club before county.


To me that isn’t a good enough reason, you could move it to a Sunday afternoon but that’s not even allowed?. I’m sure if all clubs agreed to the 7 day rule it wouldn’t be an issue regardless of whether they had a floodlight pitch or not. I do think it’s on in the right time of the year but just needs to be twigged slightly. If the hurling had of started a week later on the 3rd it would have been finished by the 1st or latest 15th of December. This extra week would have cleared all the football and hurling adult finals plus a lot of knockout minor games…


It’s all the pope’s fault. He made a mess of the fixtures


You’ll go straight to hell for that.


look who is the cccc there to serve , yes everyone but ultimately players and teams that play most of the year around not a lad aged 20 that will dip back in for a game at under 21s at the end of the year but not seen again from February to November the following year often when clubs are begging for lads to come play to make 15. He might dip in to play a game with his mates in the 21s at the end of the year but where was he all year long to support his club and his parish? I think the board have it right, prioritise the minor and adult competitions and finish them out as these teams have been fielding all year. you cant put them on the back burner to facilitate lads that want to comeback in November to play a game or two at 21s. there are loads of games over the course of the year to rally around friends and club to participate with your club rather than waiting for the 21s to be played.

in an ideal world the calendar would have a slot for it but I don’t see where it is , overall the board doing its best


You’re both right and you’re both wrong.
21’s is a brilliant competition when organised and run properly, but accept also that the calender is packed.
Greater issue is fixtures plan as a whole but thats a different topic.
Keep the abuse from being personal


Why not start it after last group game of Senior Champo, but, have it midweek, similar to County 21’s.Or could Co Board not block book Abbottstown pitches, you could have each Division played on different pitch on same day. All neutral venues and no excuses of pitch availability, could be run over couple weekends.


Don’t you dare speak sense!!!


The calendar is busy but there’s a lot of gaps as well, especially midweek and Liam says.

Are people complaining that it shouldn’t be played on a long weekend?


Crokes b v boden b off.
Crokes conceded.



Boden beat Whitehall by point. Goal from 21 yard free in last minute.


Crokes 1-10 - 1-23 Brigid’s . That’s what I had could be one or two scores off


Mad. Vins did the exact same to Lucan. 4-10 to 1-18 final score. Free was from a little further out.