U21 Club Hurling 2018


This should be scrapped and run over Easter or start of season.


It’s a pity it’s gone the way it has. As it’s a great way of getting lads back that mightn’t of been around during the year, you then could get a good run and you have an extra few lads playing adult the following year. But it’s wrong that clubs doing well at minor are at a disadvantage.


There is no good time to play Under 21 championship.
January / February clashes with College competitions.
March / April / May clashes with Club leagues or championship and Inter county (u21 and minor) championships and exams. June / July / August players away on US or elsewhere summer work. September / October/ November clashes with Club adult and minor championships and Closing stages of Leagues. December college exams.
Almost every U21 player if not every U21 player is already playing either adult games or minor or both. They don’t need to be playing U21 - in my opinion U21 championship serves no useful purpose. It only causes problems.


Couldn’t disagree more. It’s probably the last time most lads will play along side eachother after all the years grown up together. The respect shown to it by the county board is appalling.


But why can’t clubs change the dates? What’s the reasoning behind that,? I spoke to one club manager last night who said themselves and another club agreed to change day as suited both due to minor/fball etc. but we’re informed there not allowed as it’s strictly play or concede.

From my previous years involved with 21s the players love playing in it and a championship win is every bit as important as any other. We won a 21 b in 2016 which led onto an inter champ in 2017, you ask any of those players and all will hold both in the same regard. The experience gained was invaluable for the following year, gives most minors their first chance at adult level too and integrates them to adult level smoothly. So I totally disagree on the above comment about serving no purpose, just let the clubs switch a match within a few days. Problem solved.


Imagine Brigid’s should be strong if they have a full team. Jack O’Neil, Donnacha Ryan, Eoghan Dunne , Cian O’Sullivan and Johnny McGuirk should all be underage. Andrew Dunphy should also be available


Dunphy is still a minor, a very strong one at that. There in the b quarter final on sun


Involved with u.21 team few years back. 1st game given walkover, 2nd game played away to Finians, got out there, game couldn’t be played due to fog. Co board awarded us the game (play or concede), straight into final without pucking a ball…


I had a 21s team a few years ago who got to the B final. The gap between the semi final and final was two months. Both teams agreed to play the final the week after the semi finals but county board refused, and we were told the final would not have been played at all if the two clubs involved had not have hounded the county board. So its not a competition that holds much esteem in Parnell Park


21s can be a great competition. Players love playing in it. Great way to get lads back or keep lads involved, even if only for 1 or 2 games.
It’s starting a week too early this year…should have started in November as previous years.
Next week more minor hurlers would have been available, as well as more lads on adult teams


Players on teams together from nursery, they reach last year minor, some play Senior others play Junior. At u21 it’s the only time these lads can togout again together.
And it’s an ideal competition for County manager to see these lads in action, without having to take in Senior and Junior games.


From Parnells point of view we won a 21s B title and most of this team went on to play senior for the club , I think 18 out of 22 players played senior,so we found it a great competition.


Yeah but ye were all 28+ when ye won the U21 :wink:


Sure it wouldn’t be the under 21s without a couple of 30 year olds


What about playing this comp off in a blitz type tournament. a hybrid of sorts of the fheile/crokes 7s format. Done and dusted over two weekends. There is definitely interest in this grade especially from the players involved. It’s brushed aside every year due to fixture congestion. I remember when u21 grade had a league, loved playing in it.


I think there was a proposal a couple of years ago where they wanted u21s to be played as a Feile type competition over a weekend


There could also be scope to switch minor to Saturday’s once it starts and play 21 on Sundays? Not sure if this would work… As someone said above delay it by one week also…


County board have reissued a mail stating all games must be played or conceded on fixed date.

Apparently they have had a lot of clubs on looking to postpone games due to fixtures and bank holiday.

Stubborn mules wont budge when it would make sense to start the hurling the following weekend.


Football is on the following week but I do agree that clubs should be allowed move the games if they can supply pitches within the 7 day rule


Logic would have suggested hurling on 3rd and football 10th.

But clubs shoukd have fought that battle last spring