U21 Club Hurling 2018


Ciaran’s won the C Final but they wouldn’t have won it without their #11 whoever he was. Gave an exhibition in free taking and scored some tasty ones from play as well.


I’ll take a guess Billy Ryan


Beat me to it. Talented young lad.


Who stood out?


Great young player. One for the future.


Don’t think so. Perhaps Cian Derwin?


Oh, they’ve a couple of good forwards coming through so.


Have had 3 or 4 who have been on the Dublin minors over the past few years.


There’s another Ryan as well, is it conor?


And Kelly.


I really rate Cian strong and great pace also very direct


Hearing Ger Ryan is taking Craobh next year he has a good group to work with
Billy Ryan,Connor Ryan,Paul Kelly and Cian Derwin to go with Robbie Mahon,Darren Kelly,Gary Kelly,Kevin Warren and the ever green Mc crabbe that’s the making of a good side.


Forgot about Kelly, makings of a good team with that lot.


Agreed there’s the making of a serious forward unit in there.