U21 Club Football 2018


Question… is the B championship harder to win than the A this year… when too many clubs cop out to “win at all cost “… fair play to Ballymun and davis making A final ’ But a lot of “ B “ clubs really need to look at themselves … the top 3 “ super clubs “ can only be beaten if ya play them


I’d be comfortable with where Vincents are placed this year. Our last three minor teams were all Division 2 and won nothing.They were all hurling teams and a number of the starters are already with our senior hurlers. And one of them may have to miss the rest of the competition because he’s been called into the county senior hurling panel.

Just curious as to who needs to look at themselves?


None of the B semi finalist teams would beat ballymun, Davis, boden or na fianna


I don’t think Davis or n.a. Fianna had… we normally wouldn’t either


5 teams competed in A not 4 !


All of the clubs who cop out… Alan vins won minor B champ last year. Easy . all of the top 12 ( min ) clubs should field at U 21 A… if not they are looking for easy champiinhips and I’m surprised you making an excuse for it


Davis had 1 first year minor 3 minors and rest were last year’s minors bar 1 lad


And Judes were similar …


A good side anyways, despite a 15 minute wobble, who looked much older than you have outlined…


Eh “ older than they look “ ???


Eh, read it again


Still ??? Know most Judes lads are u20
So they will be strong if they enter the A champ next year and Davis’ nearly all U19 ( I was told 11 of them were in minor A final last year ) the “ they look older “confused me… ???


Davis lads have some chip on the shoulder


Really? If that confused you my condolences


In what way ?


The fact that people can look older than they are and the above not understanding how that can happen


Actually, there was a day back in the late 80’s that 21’s players barely had taches. Some of the Boden fellas looked like they shaved at 9am but had 5 o’clock shadow, and it was only 2pm!!! :slight_smile:


Are you sure they weren’t their girlfriends?


I’d say the venue will be either blakestown or otoole prk


Any idea when the next round of fixtures will be?