U21 Club Football 2018


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Speak for yourself.


Load of Skerries minors played 21s on Saturday then played A championship on Sunday, I’d say lads still want to play as much football as possible


If the competitions were spread out over the year instead of all championships/leagues peaking in October it would be easier to get more fixtures fulfilled. The whole J1 argument will be thrown up as to why the 21s can’t be played during the Summer but an argument saying a player going on holiday with his wife and kids isn’t good enough for a match not to be played then a competition like U21 should not be left as late as possible so a few lads can go on the piss for the Summer.

21 football could be completed between June to August. AHL matches on a Wednesday, 21 football on the Saturday or vice versa. Play them on weeks that don’t clash when Dublin seniors are playing championship.

Same idea with the hurling.

A lot of clubs cannot use minors because of championship commitments at this time of year, minors do feck all between July and September with perhaps 2 games from when the exams finish in June to second week in July. Get the 21 championships done over the Summer and for those who have mentioned getting players to comeback for it, when the 21 season is over they can play on in adult leagues and championships for the rest of the year.


Any word on the fixtures for the next round of u21 championship. Tia


Saturday 17th




Go raibh Maith agat👍


Jude’s get a bye in quarter final of A championship and then home advantage for the semi final. Go figure?


Very simple really, it’s called the luck of the draw. Under 21 championships are one draw covers the whole championship. The bye and St Judes were drawn as match one. The winners of match one have home advantage in the 2nd round against the winners of Mach two. Likewise the winner of match three has home advantage against the winner of match four.


The A championship is a farce and doesnt deserve to be even talked about. The B championship presents some very intriguing battles with some top clubs. Looking forward to next Sat




The St Catherine team in C championship. Is that club connected to Westmanstown Gaels?


Catherines is a combination between Westmanstown Gaels and Erin go Breagh at juvenile level


I thought amalgamated teams weren’t allowed u21 championship. Our club tried enter a few years ago combined with another club and weren’t allowed.


No idea, but seeing that they are a “stand-alone club” (not playing under either clubs name) I’m not sure how they could be stopped.


well if clubs entered it, it would make for a better competition, there a few B teams that wouldn’t look out of place in A


There are a few teams that are technically ‘stand alone’ teams such as Cu Chullain and St Peters but the players involved are registered with their own clubs (Ballyboughal and Naul for example with St Peters) and that’s why they couldn’t play as an amalgamation in adult football. Perhaps the rule has changed this year which wouldn’t be a bad thing for lads that have played together all through juvenile to have a crack at an U-21 championship together before they go their own way in adult football.


A number of adult games around the county clashing with u21 fixtures this weekend. Does anyone know if it is an actual rule for an adult team to have the athourity to not let lads play with their u21 team?


its the clubs call what team they play for.