U21 Club Football 2018


dont enter the fucking A if there is a risk of not fielding


With respect, I don’t think you can comment on other clubs like that, without knowing the ins and outs of it. I’m sure 2 proud clubs like those you mentioned would have done everything in their power to field.


I heard cuala have a hurling match tomorrow and I reckon Kilmacud Crokes would have a few lads playing senior football and minor football tomorrow


Cuala also gave a walkover in the 21 A hurling. I can’t see how either them or crokes couldn’t field a team. Cuala could play minors today aswel as they are out of the minor championship… Crokes have 3 minor teams most years. It’s the clubs themselves that are undermining this competition not the county board. If they can’t field their best 15 they take the easy option of a walkover instead of a possible beating!


Cuala down to play AFL1 and 2 hurling league play offs. Would have 15 U21 footballers involved with those 3 teams.
Agree that it diminishes the competition with so many walkovers. Bit difficult to organise teams when you enter a competion and don’t now when the first game will be played.


That’s one of the biggest issues I have with u21, they should decide the dates in advance, not just pencil them him. From what I can remember it’s €650 to enter a team.


Kilmacud should have a minimum of about 30 proper under 21s 30 proper under 20s and 30 proper under 19s gone though from minor over last 3 years . Every club loses some players but Jesus ??? ABOLUTLY no excuse… sorry to pick one club but imo they are to big to give a walkover in an A champ and need to look at themselves


Clubs like Cuala still involved in adult league playoffs and championships would have known the 21 was starting end of oct, if all their teams are still in action they shouldn’t of entered a team in the first place or gone into a lower grade instead of undermining the competition…in my opinion there’s always players available if you look hard enough, but some clubs want their best 15 out instead of taking a beating. No harm in minors playing 21s most lads would be itching to play it at that age, especially if out of the minor championship


In fairness Cuala aren’t the same size as Kilmacud .


Did Crokes field for the u21 C championship?


No but they are still larger than most clubs around that did field yesterday


Does anyone know if Brian Howard was playing for Raheny against Olaf’s? Can’t see them being stopped if they have him out on the pitch


according to the Olaf’s twitter page he was playing


Walkovers are at every level… castleknock gave walkover at AFL1 level today.


Yes they did. decent game, Na Fianna were that bit more clinical.


How does that work at 21s . Can players that were due to play for crokes a team drop down to the second team?
Should crokes not have pulled the second team and fielded in the a?


Yes they can play who they want for the first game… As I’ve previously said some clubs would rather give walkovers than take a beating with a weakened team.


jaysus lads are going fierce soft. back in the day we often played 21 league on a Saturday & minor or senior on the Sunday. Guess the difference is lads wanted to play football more


… and we were injured less.


Different kettle of fish nowadays though with fitness levels etc