U20 Football Championship 2018


Lot of talk up here that Tyrone are preparing to appeal the result of the semi-final against ourselves. Both sides had two men sent off in the first twenty minute (2 x 10) period of extra time. When it finished in a draw, both sides assumed ‘normal extra time rules’ applied and therefore for the second period of extra time (2 x 5 minutes) both restarted with 15-a-side, thinking it was a new game again. However, it should have remained at 13-a-side and on that basis Tyrone are considering an appeal.


Whether or not they are technically right, that would be most mean-spirited. Armagh sought nor gained any advantage in both teams resuming with 15 players. If Tyrone had won out after the “extra-extra” time and then discovered this technicality, would they have appealed?
I sincerely hope they just park this.


Agree totally @beeko. I wonder is the fact it is being considered based on the level of animosity between the teams after the fracas last week.


Or that the fracas occurred due to the level of animosity?


Where is Daller???


This is another grey area in the GAA rule book. It says that a player ordered off in any circumstance in
Normal Time, may not play in Extra Time but may be replaced. It does not, however, specify anything about being sent off in extra time.

They would need to be careful as both teams could be kicked out of the competition if deemed to have infringed the rules!!!


Can’t appeal against an offence that you yourself committed. Going nowhere with that one.


Munster u-20 quarterfinals this week

Cork v Tipp
Limerick v Kerry


Kerry & Cork to progress with ease you’d imagine.

Dublin played Tipp in a friendly in Aherlow a few weeks before the championship, the grand opening of their new clubhouse as seen on Twitter. Found out that they beat Tipp by 40 something points!




Jayus , can they appeal that . Could wipe out the team .


The Tyrone lad doing Superman into the mill.


Excellent. About time they came down hard on this carry on


Would they impose same sanctions on 2 senior teams ???


Hopefully they do next time it happens


About time they started dealing with disciplinary issues in this fashion.


Agree… on another note can anyone remember how many players where banned from the supposed battle of ‘Omagh’? Did we then play Westmeath in a Div 2 final in Navan without a lot of first team players?


I think there was at least 5 or 6 suspended for the final that year.


I assume they have to now as there is a precedent set…


7/8 were suspended for final against Westmeath after brawl with Meath