U20 Football Championship 2018


So you just continue to allow it happen. A line has to be drawn somewhere. They’re disgraceful scenes and should never be repeated. Things like that don’t happen regularly in other sports and when they rarely do there is harsh punishment dished out to both the club’s and players. To say things like that happen regularly in other sports is nonsense. This is a serious problem in the GAA


Unfortunately not, and I’m now absolutely gutted I didn’t go @dcr22B.

For the record, Armagh won by 2-22 to 0-24 in a game that went to two periods of extra time. There are many up here who are saying it was the greatest game of football they were ever at and for us to win such a game against the neighbours, which gets us to an Ulster Final, is an unbelieveable lift for us, as we are at quite a low ebb at the moment.

There were four men sent off in total, and I accept the pictures don’t make for pretty viewing. I will say that the camera angle makes it look as if Armagh were more in the wrong, with the subs encroaching. However you can clearly see Tyrone subs coming into frame from the right from where their dugout would be.

Some talk here of calling for heavy punishments. That will be a painful one for us if we’re to be the prototype for such justice, but I’ll have no issue if it is applied consistently across all grades and provinces.


It should be across the board for all. It’s absurd that in 2018 this is still an issue. The GAA is so backwards in this respect


Have you examples of this , just out of interest ?


I’m not sure anyone is condoning it. My point is your initial suggestion of “hammering the county boards” won’t solve anything.
Fights in rugby, afl, non professional soccer are just as common.
Of all the problems the gaa has I wouldn’t consider this one of the serious ones.


Come on. There’s countless incidents of this happening and you know well. There’s a serious discipline problem in the GAA. Needs to be cut out


Hammering the county boards is the only way of stopping it. If the county boards are held accountable for the behaviour of the players representing them maybe they’ll be more careful in selecting the type of player they currently are.


Im sure there is but was wondering if you furnish us with some examples , if its to the extent you think it is.


You really think county boards have any say in panels selection? You’re dreaming.


There hasn’t been a fight like that in AFL for years and if there was the suspensions and fines would be massive. Comparing ourselves to the AFL doesn’t wash any more because they’ve cleaned up their act. We haven’t.


The point still stands that fining the county boards won’t change anything. Players couldn’t give a flying f*ck if county boards are fined.


If you fine the county boards, they will put pressure on the management to clean up the panel. It’s not that difficult a concept to grasp


Don’t know it anyone has posted this but it will be a Mayo v Roscommon Connacht U-20 final for 2018

Mayo 1-24 Leitrim 1-3
Roscommon 1-11 Galway 0-11


I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve said, except the other sports not having this issue. For my sins in the mid 90’s I became involved in an administrative role of a junior soccer club in Finglas, and in the 2/3 years that I was involved, there were several large scale brawls. Some of them quite nasty, and trust me, it wasn’t caused by the team I was involved with.

Some of the antics of the teams around the county were just thuggish. Eventually I left, I gave up!! The final straw was we attended in front of the discipline committee, Bernard O’Byrne told us that they couldn’t do anything about club X as they were one of only a few city center clubs left!!! They constantly made excuses for certain clubs. I was finished.

As a bloke that’s been in admin in both codes, I can safely say that the GAA, and in particular the DCB have a very good handle on discipline issues.


Definitely happened in junior soccer and entire clubs were pulled out of leagues over it in the late 90s and early noughties. In short they got a handle on it. The GAA needs to do likewise I’m afraid. If lads want to roll around, dragging their opponents down in deadlocks etc there’s Brazilian Ju Jitzu clubs all over the country they can join now. It’s 2018 now. This caveman behaviour has got to stop because it spills into the stands and one day there’s going to be a serious incident in the stands over it. It has to stop and harsh punishments like what happened in junior soccer is the way to go


Thought Galway would have been favourite for Connacht. A good few players on team yesterday would have played against Dublin in u21 final last year.


Least favorite sporting moment was getting a loaf on the side of my head playing against Ballymun utd I think at the San Siro back in the mid 80s . We were getting bet 3-0 I dread to think what if we had been winning.


I get the concept. What you don’t seem to get is it never has nor never will work.


Worked in every sport worldwide.


And the few times I played hurling against Setanta there, never one issue.