U20 Football Championship 2018




I think the encouraging thing should be the scores being spread around the front 6 once again. Everyone scored plus Archer for the second straight game.


Definitely, seems to be a good spread of scores, FF line all capable of chipping in on any given day which is good.


James Madden got a great goal . Carried the ball from near midfield turn of pace past 2-3 defenders and slotted past the keeper


He looks a great prospect alright


Bit late on this but here were the teamsheets and scorers for Monday night’s game at Parnell Park

Dublin 2-16 Westmeath 1-13

Dublin - Sean Bugler 1-4, James Doran 0-4 (0-1f), James Madden 1-0, Cormac Howley, Tom Keane (0-1f), Dan O’Brien 0-2 each, Sean Farrelly and Ciaran Archer (0-1f) 0-1 each

Westmeath - Sean Pettit 1-6 (0-1f, 3 '45), John Tumulty (0-2f) and Tom Molloy 0-2 each, Gareth Carr, Adam Loughlin, Daniel Reid 0-1 each

Is there any video of the Madden goal?


Tommy Carr’s young fella full back for Westmeath. His club Shandonagh won the Minor Championship last year. Same colours as the Dubs.


Tom Carr was at match. Be thankful he wasn’t co-commentator.

Best on day was James Doran. Super talent, comfortable off either foot. Hops the ball a bit high but he can work on that. Definitely a chance he’ll be pulled from this next year.

Madden got an amazing goal. What he can do with the ball I’ve only seen from Jack McCaffrey and Gary Sweeney. But he was actually poor other than the goal, hands let him down a bit. Also think he looks like a lad who’s minding himself too, just as long as it’s not for some Aussies.

Good forwards, not good enough 2-9 to be contenders for big prize. IMO.


Madden doing his leaving cert


Some craic at the Armagh v Tyrone match last night, @Rufus_T_Firefly were you there?


Some craic? It was an absolute disgrace. The amount of Armagh subs that left the stand to get involved was shocking. Both county boards should be hammered over it


Remember 1997 when we got expelled from the U21 championship…




Armagh look to be the worse of the two there.


What good do you think hammering the county boards will do?
They can’t control the actions of players.


They can. They can throw the players off the panel. Simple really.


Can they? Is there any precedence for that? Do you really think that will happen?


Why wouldn’t it happen. If the players in question show that level of indiscipline they should be dropped off the panel. It’s the time the GAA got it’s act together. It’s the only sporting organisation where this sort of behaviour is tolerated.


Remember the Battle of Omagh .
If it was a recurring issue I’d probably agree with ya but it was just one game where everything kicked off .


Nonsense there’s mill ups in lots if not all team sports.

Kicking half the team off the panel? Please. Never going to happen. Complete over reaction.